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ABC and Dietz Memorial Team Up to Help Grieving Family

When Tragedy Is Compounded by Opportunism

Every week, hundreds of Austin-area families welcome a new child into the world. The vast majority of these families experience unbridled joy at the occasion. Unfortunately, one family’s birth story recently ended in tragedy. After the death of Jessica Rodriguez, a young mother with deep roots in the area, her husband and extended family experienced a second pang of heartbreak when a scam artist made off with thousands of dollars in donations for a memorial to Jessica.

The Rodriguezes’ Story

Recently, an optimistic Austin family – the Rodriguezes – welcomed a beautiful baby into the world. Although the baby was healthy and vivacious, the young mother fell ill and died from complications of childbirth shortly after the delivery. Determined to persevere, the surviving family members banded together to raise funds for a memorial in her honor.

The Rodriguezes turned to Fallon Mouton, a local woman, to assist them … Read Full Post »

Bobby Jenkins Spoke at AARO Rally to Promote School Attendance

School Attendance Affects Everyone

Do you have kids? If you do, you understand how important the issue of school attendance can be. After all, every day a kid spends in school is a day they’re learning a new skill. It’s also a day they’re not getting into trouble out on the streets. Unfortunately, central Texas has a pretty serious problem with preventable school absences. That’s why Bobby Jenkins (pictured far left), the president and CEO of ABC Home & Commercial Services, recently spoke at an event to raise awareness of the issue.

Who’s Bobby Jenkins and What Did He Say?

As the president of ABC Home & Commercial Services, Bobby Jenkins inspires and guides the highly skilled employees and technicians who have worked for this family-focused business since its beginning. He’s also fully committed to the welfare and prosperity of folks across central Texas.

At a September 3 rally hosted by the E3 Alliance, … Read Full Post »

If You Love a Good Kite Festival, Thank the Twidwells

It Wouldn’t Be Springtime Without Them

Early March means kites—hundreds of them soaring high in the Austin skies. This sight is a joy for all, but those who come to this annual springtime tradition may not realize how many times in recent years the popular Zilker Kite Festival, a favorite since its inception in 1929, came close to being discontinued.

The Springtime Place to Be

From its earliest days, the festival has consistently grown in popularity. Today, it ranks among the top five festivals across the nation, drawing over 20,000 visitors every spring. The colorful kites, great food and numerous vendor booths do more than bring joy to the hearts of Austin residents. The festival is also pivotal in raising money for the benefit of local charities across the city. Could something so constructive and well-loved ever have been in danger?

Sadly, the answer is yes.

A Festival at Risk

The festival may be free to … Read Full Post »

Hello, Sunshine! Five Perks of Going Solar

If you’re a homeowner who harnesses our warm Houston sunshine, you can revel in the five perks (six if you include the bragging rights) of solar power.

1. Less Dependence on Utility Companies

When you harness solar power, you use less energy from utility companies. Solar panels may not provide all the energy you require, but they provide a significant amount and lessen the likelihood that you’ll suffer a complete loss of power during blackouts or brownouts.

Common sense tells you that reduced fossil fuel use reduces your utility bills; however, it could also put spare cash into your pocket. If solar power produces more energy than you use, Houston utility companies could buy the extra power from you. You win twice over.

2. Cash Incentive

Who doesn’t like tax credits? Government at federal and state levels want you to reduce your use of fossil fuels, so they offer incentive in the form of tax … Read Full Post »

Seasonal Pet Safety: Tips for Keeping Furry Family Members Healthy this Summer

cat dog bees wasp stung mosquito safety

Hot weather can be brutal for humans and pets alike. If your furry family members could speak, they would ask that you keep these suggestions in mind this summer.

1. “Please give me extra water.”

Indoor and outdoor pets need additional fluids during hotter months. An automatic dispenser is ideal for pets that live outside. Indoor pets should have an extra water bowl available in case of an emergency.

2. “Please do not leave me in the car.”

Temperatures inside of vehicles can quickly exceed the century mark. Even leaving a window cracked may not be enough to ensure your pet’s safety once temperatures outside reach 70 degrees. Leave pets at home if you are going somewhere where they won’t be welcome.

3. “Protect me from tiny enemies.”

Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes have a tendency to take over the yard in warmer months. Fleas can be difficult to eliminate once they’re indoors, ticks can carry Lyme … Read Full Post »