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Businesses and Biometric Security

Houston businesses must be vigilant when it comes to their security protocols. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we have developed several access control systems that can be used to keep a business protected from intrusion. One of the most essential modern-day aspects of security lies in biometric systems. The use of biometrics for identification purposes has existed in one form since at least the late 19th century. We’ve used the technology behind biometrics to introduce practical, flexible, identity-based solutions that work. Here are some of the ways biometric security can benefit a business.

Increased Protection

If you employ only a lock-and-key system to protect your business, what happens when you run afoul of an expert lockpick? One of the most essential advantages of biometric security systems is that they provide another level of protection. The more you can do to keep your data, assets, and secure information safe from intrusion, the … Read Full Post »

Do I Need Surveillance Cameras with My Alarm System?

Both alarms and surveillance cameras can prevent vandalism and theft. Security alarms only alert the police when thieves enter a building without permission. Video cameras can provide footage of crimes, regardless of how the perpetrators gain entry. Many businesses utilize surveillance cameras, but people can also use them for home security. Using cameras in conjunction with an alarm has several pros and cons.

Security cameras deter crime when they are visible to the public. Thieves cannot be assured that their crimes will go undetected if the home or business owner is absent. Cameras can also help police identify criminals. When a break-in occurs, camera footage may reveal the guilty party. It can also become helpful when customers, employees, contractors or visitors commit theft. If an item goes missing, a building owner can consult camera footage to help him recognize the perpetrator.

Surveillance cameras do have some disadvantages. They consume a lot of … Read Full Post »

Decrease Damages during Attempted Home Intrusions

Thieves can cause a great deal of damage and steal many valuables in a short period. The average burglary victim spends about $2,000 on repairs and replacement items, according to To reduce the cost of a break-in, detecting and reporting burglars as soon as possible is crucial. Modern security systems offer many ways to do so! They often notify the authorities and sound an alarm before criminals succeed in entering the home.

A glass breakage detector triggers a siren if it “hears” the sound of a window shattering. When this happens, some burglars give up and flee the area. This technology allows security systems to detect burglars when they break glass instead of attempting to open doors and windows. It also alerts police to vandals who have no intention of entering the home. Criminals find many different ways to break in, so using various detection methods is essential.

Motion detectors help … Read Full Post »

Smoke Alarms 101

Smoke alarms are essential for your and your family’s safety. Do you know what kind of smoke alarm you have, and are you aware of how your alarm is powered?

Types of Smoke Alarms

The U.S. Fire Administration explains that two types of smoke alarms are available.

An ion smoke alarm is a less expensive option and most beneficial in open flames. The quick reaction that an ion type of alarm has makes it ideal in the case of a kitchen fire that has been caused by cooking.

A photoelectric type of smoke alarm is more sensitive to fires that involve smolders instead of open flames.

While the two types of alarms have different reactions to fires, both are effective for helping people stay informed during a fire.

There are also different methods for powering a smoke alarm:

9-volt batteries are the most common power source for smoke alarms. These batteries should be changed at least once … Read Full Post »

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere!

More people are buying video surveillance and alarm systems in Houston, but burglaries are not the only reason for the recent popularity of these systems. People are discovering the multiple benefits Houston home security systems offer. A CCTV system with one or more cameras allows homeowners to view their property in real-time anywhere there is Internet access.

See what the kids are doing. When teenagers and kids arrive home from school before their parents do, they may be tempted to get into trouble. A camera system allows parents to observe their home whenever they want and ensure their kids aren’t eating cookies before dinner or throwing a football in the house. Parents can also have peace of mind knowing their children safely made it home.

Outdoor cameras are effective at deterring criminals. When thieves stake out homes, they look for properties with easy access, no alarm, and no cameras. No criminal wants … Read Full Post »