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Can You Guess Orlando’s Most Hated Pest?

palmetto bug

What’s dark brown, winged and lives in even the cleanest of homes? If you said palmetto bugs, you are correct! If you didn’t (or even if you did), you can learn more about Orlando’s most hated pest below.

What Are Palmetto Bugs?

Quite simply, a palmetto bug is another name for the American cockroach. This species is the largest of the domestic cockroaches, averaging around four centimeters long. While German roaches are the most common roaches found across the country, American roaches are the second most prevalent. You can find palmetto bugs indoors in Florida, especially in commercial settings. In the northern states, palmetto bugs are found more often in steam heat tunnels or inside of large buildings.

Believe it or not, the American cockroach arrived in this country in 1625 from Africa. As with many other pests, cockroaches have mostly been spread through commerce. Although you are more likely to find cockroaches in restaurants, … Read Full Post »