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Seasonal Pet Safety: Tips for Keeping Furry Family Members Healthy this Summer

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Hot weather can be brutal for humans and pets alike. If your furry family members could speak, they would ask that you keep these suggestions in mind this summer.

1. “Please give me extra water.”

Indoor and outdoor pets need additional fluids during hotter months. An automatic dispenser is ideal for pets that live outside. Indoor pets should have an extra water bowl available in case of an emergency.

2. “Please do not leave me in the car.”

Temperatures inside of vehicles can quickly exceed the century mark. Even leaving a window cracked may not be enough to ensure your pet’s safety once temperatures outside reach 70 degrees. Leave pets at home if you are going somewhere where they won’t be welcome.

3. “Protect me from tiny enemies.”

Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes have a tendency to take over the yard in warmer months. Fleas can be difficult to eliminate once they’re indoors, ticks can carry Lyme … Read Full Post »