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Home Automation Benefits: Is A Smart Home For You?

Home Automation Benefits

It can seem like every appliance these days is preceded by the word ‘smart’: smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart lighting, smart entertainment system…the list goes on. Though we use a smartphone throughout the day, and a growing number of homes now have voice assistants, many of us who don’t fall into the “early adopter” category aren’t quite sure what a fully-integrated “smart home” could mean for our households. Others among us are skeptical about security surrounding these devices, and many of us only have a basic understanding of how this technology works. Some homeowners who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon are hesitant to really consider a smart home system because they worry about how hard they are to set up.

Let’s explore the potential that smart home technology can help you become more energy-efficient and other home automation benefits, what exactly is involved if you are considering turning your house into a … Read Full Post »