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Hello, Sunshine! Five Perks of Going Solar

If you’re a homeowner who harnesses our warm Houston sunshine, you can revel in the five perks (six if you include the bragging rights) of solar power.

1. Less Dependence on Utility Companies

When you harness solar power, you use less energy from utility companies. Solar panels may not provide all the energy you require, but they provide a significant amount and lessen the likelihood that you’ll suffer a complete loss of power during blackouts or brownouts.

Common sense tells you that reduced fossil fuel use reduces your utility bills; however, it could also put spare cash into your pocket. If solar power produces more energy than you use, Houston utility companies could buy the extra power from you. You win twice over.

2. Cash Incentive

Who doesn’t like tax credits? Government at federal and state levels want you to reduce your use of fossil fuels, so they offer incentive in the form of tax … Read Full Post »

Use the Sun to Cool Your Home This Summer

With another scorching San Antonio summer approaching, you’re probably not looking forward to seeing your electric bills escalate from using your air conditioner. We have a solution that can not only lower your power bills, but also use those sizzling rays to your advantage: a cooling system powered by solar panels.

How Solar Panels Work

Our cooling systems work with photovoltaic panels, also called PV panels, which consist of silicon and non-reflective glass. The PV panels harness and store photons from the sun’s rays and then convert these particles into electrical power. Similar to a battery, the PV panel first converts the photons into DC power, which is sent to an inverter that converts it to AC power that can be used to run an air conditioning unit, as well as other household devices.

How Solar-Powered Cooling Systems Work

Most of our residential customers choose a grid-tied PV system, which uses a combination of … Read Full Post »