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Stink Bug Invasion in Fall

With fall comes beautiful leaves changing colors, bright cheerful pumpkins, and the cool crisp fresh air that makes us all want to spend more time outdoors. But the start of the fall season can also bring an unpleasant pest along with it: stink bugs.

These large beetle-like insects get their name from the smelly odor they produce when threatened. They are content to stay outdoors during the warm summer months, but they start to sneak into homes away from the cold during the fall.

At  ABC Home & Commercial Services, we know all too well the struggles home owners face when it comes to getting rid of stink bugs. Here is everything you need to know about the stink bug invasion in fall.

What do stink bugs look like?

The most common types of stink bugs are brown in color. They have oval bodies that taper into a triangular point like a shield. They … Read Full Post »