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The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

If you’re living in Houston and are not taking advantage of lawn aeration, it’s time to contact a Houston lawn care specialist at ABC. The soil in our region benefits from aeration and can help create a beautiful, healthy lawn.

The benefits of lawn aeration include:

• A reduction in the level of compaction occurring in the soil. If you do not have your lawn aerated regularly, the soil will become compact and challenging to work with in the future. Compacted soil may also cause problems with plants that are already present because of the difficulty that plants may have with growing roots down into heavily compacted soil.

• The primary purpose of lawn aeration is to allow the soil to access the air. Soil needs to be able to access the air in the surrounding atmosphere to remain healthy and in prime condition for growing plants.

• Creating a point where air can enter the soil also allows water to enter less easily. This makes it easier for plants to stay healthy by allowing them to get enough water to thrive. Allowing water to flow to plants through soil aeration also helps plants use the little water available during drought conditions.

• Aeration allows any fertilizer applied to the soil surface to permeate this layer, giving the underlying soil a chance to soak up nutrients from the fertilizer.

Some homeowners believe they don’t have to aerate their soil because they don’t spend time on their lawns. Compaction is not a process that only occurs with pressure from a person walking or driving on a lawn—the top portion of the soil naturally compacts over time. Soil aeration removes problems with thatching and compaction, and plants are better able to thrive after the process is finished.

If you’re looking for a Houston lawn care and landscaping company to assist you with your lawn aeration needs and other lawn care concerns, contact ABC Home and Commercial Services. We have decades of experience providing Houston-area residents and business owners with lawn care services that make their lawns the best on the block.

For more information about the importance of lawn aeration, visit the Environmental Protection Agency‘s website.

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