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The Grass Is Always Green in Dallas

Make sure your lawn is ready for springHow targeted services can help keep your Dallas lawn beautiful

Like most homeowners, you want to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. A beautiful lawn makes a great impression on guests and adds to the visual appeal of your property. Unfortunately, keeping your yard in great shape isn’t always easy. It’s essential to take climate conditions in the local area into consideration when formulating a lawn care plan.

How Climate Impacts Your Lawn

Weather conditions in Dallas have a significant impact on your lawn’s health. While the area enjoys relatively temperate winters, very hot summers can be tough on your yard. Humid conditions can provide a haven for bugs that wreak havoc on grass, shrubs and trees. That’s why it’s important to choose a lawn care service specifically designed for local homeowners. When you take local conditions into consideration, you can develop an efficient and effective watering, weeding and mowing routine.

Essential Lawn Services for Dallas Homeowners

Understanding local conditions is just the first step in developing a great maintenance plan for your lawn. No matter your goals, keeping your lawn healthy means taking care of mowing and four other tasks. Keeping up on these essential duties helps to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful.

Fertilization. No lawn can maintain its lush green look without regular fertilization. Fertilizing treatments provide nutrients that grass needs in order to grow in thick, strong and green. Talk with your lawn care provider about the best time of year to apply fertilizer treatments.

Weed control. Maintaining a beautiful lawn means keeping it free of weeds. Unfortunately, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. A combination of special formulas designed to control weeds and some serious elbow grease are usually all that’s needed to keep weeds in check.

Insect control. Pests can be just as destructive to your yard as harsh weather conditions. By keeping insects under control, you can avoid some major plant disease problems and encourage a healthy lawn. Choosing professional insect control is especially important if you want to set up a fruit and vegetable garden.

Disease control. A wide variety of plant, shrub and tree diseases strike vegetation in the local area. When left untreated, problems such as lichen and other fungi can kill trees and put a serious damper on your landscaping. Lawn care professionals can inspect your vegetation for signs of disease and prescribe a course of treatment. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove diseased trees or shrubs.

Keeping your grass green shouldn’t mean breaking your back. Call the experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services today to learn about our comprehensive lawn care services, or fill out our form for a free estimate at our website.

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