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The Importance of Sectioning a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system ensures a thriving lawn even as the neighbor’s yard turns parched under the Texas sun. However, sprinklers should be set up to deliver optimum water to ensure that turf grass and ornamentals get enough water to flourish. By redesigning the sprinkler system into sections, homeowners can adjust the amount, timing, and intensity of watering to support the landscaping properly.

Considerations for Sprinkler Sectioning

Different types of Houston landscaping materials will have different moisture requirements. Location in terms of sun and wind exposure will also affect watering needs. For instance, grass and ornamentals in a shady location will need less watering than plants in full sun and areas exposed to brisk winds.

Growth patterns affect the type of sprinkler system and the water needed. For efficient coverage, sprinklers should be positioned to water the designated area without being blocked by taller plants and thicker growth.

The slope of the land will have an impact on the sprinkler layout. On a downslope, expect more effective watering with the sprinkler head positioned at the apex of the slope, and water flow is directed downward. This is especially important for new sod and fresh plantings.

Tips for a Successful Sprinkler Layout

If the landscape is new, designing the sprinkler system into zones with similar moisture needs should be easy. In an existing system, sectioning can be accomplished by laying additional pipes or hoses to rezone sprinkler plumbing.

Examine the layout for overloaded sections to avoid having under-watered areas. Likewise, pay attention to teams putting out more water than needed. This will not only cause root rot, but it will waste water and raise utility bills. To measure water output in a given duration, leave empty soup cans at strategic points with the sprinkler running. Average the amount of water collected and compare it to recommended levels for the type of grass or plant.

Connect the sprinkler system to a timer and program according to watering needs. Houston lawn care experts suggest an automated system as a stress-free way to water efficiently year-round. It is also essential to pay attention to local watering restrictions.

According to reports from the North Dakota State University Agriculture Department, sectioning the sprinkler system in a way to account for different zones will lead to more effective watering and a greener lawn, along with promoting water conservation efforts. For more information about updating your sprinkler system and other lawn care needs, contact the specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services.

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