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The Integrated Pest Management Approach

Many people have concerns about the hazards associated with the overuse of pesticides. This has caused a number of pest control companies to take a new approach to treating pest infestations. ABC Home & Commercial Services uses integrated pest management to regulate, treat, and prevent future infestations. The strategy involved in the IPM approach is based on practical procedures that present the least amount of risk.

Integrated pest management is an effective way to respond to pest issues. By understanding the life cycles and behaviors of insects and vermin, specialists can use a holistic method to control invasions. ABC San Antonio exterminators utilize the latest data regarding pest habits and pesticides, in order to provide clients with the most comprehensive treatment system possible.

The first step in the IPM approach is determining the level at which action should be taken. This involves deciding when pests will become an environmental or economical threat. Seeing a few insects doesn’t always necessitate action. Once the volume of pests exceeds a certain limit, treatment and prevention methods are taken. The main goal is to curb the negative impact the pests have on the environment.

Not every insect, vermin or organism needs to be eliminated and many are beneficial to the ecosystem. The integrated pest management program monitors all potential problems and identifies whether control is required. By observing how the target interacts with the environment, IPM specialists can prevent the unnecessary use of pesticides.

If certain pests require control, preventative measures may be taken. In residential areas, food and water sources, entry points and housings for pests may need to be eliminated. Crop growers can learn about applicable IPM methods at In many cases, infestations may still occur even after preventative actions are taken. Additional control methods may be necessary, including trapping the pests, interfering with their mating habits or using pesticides effectively.

IPM is essentially a series of assessments, prevention procedures and control techniques. This system focuses on the source of the problem. It is based on managing pests in the most economical way and with the least amount of risk to people, pets, properties and the environment. To take advantage of this innovative approach to pest control in San Antonio, contact our experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services.

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