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The Latest Texas Mosquito News and Your Family’s Safety

mosquito austinIn July, an otherwise ordinary Texas mosquito proved to be the state’s first known carrier of Chikungunya, a tropical virus that hails from the Caribbean. While rarely fatal, Chikungunya is anything but mild, causing a host of unpleasant symptoms that range from fever to vomiting. What makes Chikungunya’s arrival here even more alarming is that this mysterious disease can’t be wiped out with medication. According to a local news report, for the unlucky few who get infected, bed rest for about a week is the only prescription.

Before you panic, keep in mind that you aren’t completely helpless against Chikungunya’s advance into the continental United States. Since the virus is transmitted through mosquito bites, better mosquito control at home is the key to staying healthy all year long.

Keep Your Property Dry

There’s nothing mosquitoes love more than standing water. Besides walking around your yard to look for puddles, remember to check your home’s gutters, planters and recycling containers for evidence of stagnant water. If you have a covered pool, try to keep the top clean and dry at all times. For more ways to mosquito-proof your yard, follow these easy tips from Texas A&M University.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you notice an increase in your yard’s mosquito population or are planning to be outside for a few hours, wear pants and long sleeves.

Use Mosquito Repellents

Since mosquitoes are a huge problem in Texas, chances are that you already have a favorite brand of insect repellent. If you don’t, use the handy repellent search tool from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to find your perfect fit. As an extra precaution, make it a habit to spray your skin before you head out. To remind other family members to do the same, keep a few extra bottles near the front entrance. For complete protection, always cover every inch of exposed skin.

Invest in a Mosquito Net

If mosquitoes keep getting inside your house, it’s a good idea to cover up your bed with a mosquito net until you can get professional help. Depending on location, some homes are more susceptible to mosquito problems than others. If you live near water or in a wooded area, you’re automatically at a greater risk for a mosquito infestation than someone who lives in a dry environment.

Need professional help with keeping mosquitoes off your property? Contact ABC Home & Commercial Services directly or visit our website to learn about our comprehensive mosquito control program in the Dallas area.

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