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The Worst Pest in San Antonio: Crazy Ants, Scorpions or Bedbugs?

Nobody roots for these contenders

Crazy ants are taking the place of fire ants in the San Antonio areaThe Hill Country landscape makes living in San Antonio a joy, and its beautiful vistas are filled with unique ecosystems. The critters and insects that inhabit these areas are good at figuring out that your home is a safer haven than their natural habitat. Of all the little invaders that sneak into the house, there are three that cause the most concern. It’s hard to pick the worst, but these are the top contenders.

Their Name Is Insane

They run like tiny race horses with spindly legs and long antennae, but nothing about crazy ants makes them worth cheering across the finish line. These pests are displacing fire ants throughout the area with sheer numbers. Each colony harbors millions of ants, and their voracious foraging includes anything that carries electricity. These frenzied insects ruin residential wiring, overrun computer equipment and short-circuit communication systems. Crazy ants prey on beneficial bugs and small ground birds, and they build their nests under any kind of structure in your yard.

Exoskeletons With Tails

Those non-insect arthropods that lurk in dark closets and hide under the patio use long pincers to attack their prey. Scorpions also inflict nasty stings with those curled tails, so they deserve a place on the list of worst pests. These prehistoric-looking invaders are expert climbers, and they scale trees as easily as they scurry up walls into your attic. While they don’t damage property, their stings are painful and can be dangerous. Scorpions are nocturnal, so you won’t often see them, but they thrive indoors and out around San Antonio homes.

Ruining a Good Night’s Sleep

These pests don’t run, jump or fly, but they methodically crawl into more than just bedding. Don’t let their name fool you. Bed bugs hitch a ride to your home in suitcases, pant cuffs and that chair you bought at the garage sale. An immaculately clean house isn’t a defense, and a messy home isn’t an invitation. These insects don’t care as long as they have someone to sleep with. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of and their itchy bites are painful, so they belong on everyone’s list of the worst.

For more information about all the contenders, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio. The competition might seem fierce, but our professional pest control makes sure that there aren’t any winners in this race. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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