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Top 10 Bug Infested States

We’re #3!!! Congratulations Texas, you have the 3rd largest bug population in the United States. Take that North Dakota (or should we say #44)!

But seriously, this was a survey done of homeowners on how bad of a problem bugs are in their area. And according to you guys, the only two states with more problems are Florida(#1) and Louisiana(#2). So why is that? Why is it that Texas is #3?

1. It’s hot! And even when the rest of the country has cooled off it’s still warm here. (Besides last Christmas, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wear shorts on Christmas Day). Constant warmth throughout the year creates a perfect environment for bugs.

2. Humidity. It can be a beating in the DFW area, but go down to Houston or Austin during the summer and take a step outside-you’re automatically drenched. That is exactly the type of moisture that bugs love. They need a moist environment to survive. (This is one of the main reasons Florida and Louisiana are tops on the list.)

3. Because Texas is the size of…well…Texas . We encompass more land than any other state (except Alaska, but it’s one cold booger up there). That means there are more places for bugs to thrive and survive. Plus, consider the fact that we have an abundance of two considerably different environments’: urban growth and rural farm areas. The type of change and upheaval that urban growth brings makes for a wonderful breeding ground for pests. And it’s a no brainer when talking about rural farm areas and if they breed bugs (Does a cow poop in the pasture?).

The Top 10 Bug Infested States

(1) Florida
(3) Texas
(6)New York
(9) Missouri
(10) South Carolina

All of this goes to say that in Texas, when dealing with pest problem, the deck is already stacked against you. In some cases a can of Raid may do the trick, but in most you need to go deeper to take care of the problem. The best solution to dealing with your bug problem is to give the professionals at ABC a call. Because once you hire us to get rid for your bugs they’re no longer your bugs, their our bugs. And we won’t stop until our bugs are dead and gone.

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