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What’s New in the World of Smart Appliances?

Perpetual connectivity is coming soon to your home

Is your home as tech-savvy as the 4% of American households currently using smart appliances? If you’re still only thinking about connecting the entire house to the Internet, don’t worry; 70% of homeowners are also in the planning stages. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when the wave of the future hits your home.

Smart Refrigerators

Gone are the days when having an ice maker in the refrigerator door was a novelty. Today’s smart refrigerators are able to keep track of the food you store inside and find recipes on the Internet that use those ingredients. Some, like the models from Samsung, can even interact with social media, much to the delight of Internet foodies.

Intuitive Washers

When you just can’t get the stubborn stains out of your clothes, a smart washer can connect to its manufacturer and download instructions for a specific cycle to take care of the dirt. One model from GE is capable of communicating with the matching dryer to tell it exactly what cycle is the best to dry the load you’re currently washing.

Doing Dishes, Revamped

Like smart clothes washers, smart dishwashers can sense the size of the load you put in and adjust the amount of detergent and water accordingly to ensure that there’s as little waste as possible.

Faster Repairs

The ability of smart appliances to tell manufacturers when something goes wrong has the potential to make repairs go much faster. Some have a code that you have to play to customer service over the phone while others connect directly via the Internet to give techs an idea of what needs to be fixed.

Save Energy, Save Money

Installing a smart thermostat takes the hassle out of adjusting the temperature in your home and saves energy by lowering the heat when you’re asleep or not around. Smart electrical grids that monitor demand and report on current rates are in the works to help you conserve energy by running large appliances when it’s cheapest to do so. Both can add up to significant savings on heating and electrical bills over time.

Until you can get your hands on all the smart appliances you want, count on ABC Home & Commercial Services to keep your existing appliances in working order. With a staff of specialists trained in a variety of home electrical services, we’re ready to tackle any appliance repair job in the Austin.

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