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When Dallas Yards Get Hungry

Enhancing your property with proper fertilization techniques

Although Dallas definitely stays warmer year-round than states in the northern half of the country, it’s still imperative to consider your property’s lawn care needs for the spring, summer and fall. After all, fertilizing strategies change with the weather, and you also need to aerify warm season turfgrasses during the spring and summer months. Taking the time to create the proper strategy will help ensure a lush lawn.

Fertilization Schedule for Southern Grasses

It’s common for Dallas-area residents to have Southern grasses such as Zoysia, Bermuda and St. Augustine on their property. All of these grasses require granular slow-release fertilization four times a year to help them look their best. This requires a proper schedule so that you don’t end up overwhelming your yard or inadvertently causing some damage. You should have the first fertilization applied between late February and early March, and follow it up one month later with a more intensive fertilization that includes multiple formulations. The third slow-release batch of fertilizers should be used in late June to early July, and you will need to have a winterizer applied in either October or November. Additionally, some lawns require an annual application of liquid or granular iron during the summer or early fall to deal with yellow turfgrass. Failure to follow these guidelines can have a very negative impact on your curb appeal, which can be particularly problematic if you’re considering selling your home.

Other Important Lawn Care Techniques

Fertilizing your lawn is an important piece of the overall aesthetic appeal and health of your grass, but it’s also important to pay attention to weed control, tree and shrub care, core aeration, disease control and insect control. After all, a properly fertilized lawn can still develop a serious issue with insect damage, which, besides affecting the value of your home, will diminish your enjoyment of your property.

It’s best to base your lawn care around your property’s specific needs, so if you aren’t sure of what those needs are, it may be best to reach out to a lawn and landscaping professional. Fortunately, anyone in the Dallas area can turn to ABC Home & Commercial Services to receive assistance. You can call us at (469) 549-7300 to receive a free estimate on a wide variety of lawn services, including the implementation of a fertilization schedule.

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