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When Tiny Armies Invade

When most people think of ants, they imagine ant beds and picnic basket invasions. Unfortunately, several different types and sizes of ants are invading homes in Texas. It is important to know how to identify and implement effective pest control in Bryan-College Station.

Identifying Ants

Ants are classified in size as tiny, medium and large. The most common types of ants in the local area include the following:

Fire ants are medium in size, and their colors include dark red and brown. These ants are known for making hill dwellings.

-Carpenter ants are a mixture of black, brown or orange colors. These large ants are known for being nocturnal and making dwellings in uninhabited spaces.

-Medium-sized acrobat ants look similar in color to carpenter ants. Trees are their usual choices for colonization.

Pharaoh ants are tan, tiny and almost translucent. These ants prefer sugary foods.

Crazy ants are fast and run erratically. They are found in buildings in humid areas.

Odorous ants are black and smell like licorice when crushed. They are medium in size and normally nest outdoors. However, they are also found in brick walls.

Rover ants are tan, brown and tiny. They hide in trees and other outdoor locations.

Leaf cutting ants vary in size, but they have a spiky appearance. Their behavior of carrying leaves makes them distinct.

Preventing an Infestation

While some ants only seek out certain types of foods, they cover all the bases between their classifications. Always seal food containers tightly. Rinse out cans and bottles before putting them in recycling containers. Wipe down counters after cooking, wipe off tables after eating and sweep the kitchen daily. The overall idea to remember is to starve the ants. If there is no food source, they will seek resources elsewhere. A good company offering pest control, lawn care and landscaping in College Station and Bryan is an effective option for any control.

If an infestation already exists, preventative measures are unlikely to make an impact. ABC Home & Commercial will assist in the prevention and elimination of ants within and surrounding your home. We also offer lawn care in Bryan and College Station TX, which means we can treat your yard’s existing ant colonies. Our all-encompassing combat method is effective.

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