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Where Do Rasberry Crazy Ants Come From?

A bug that makes people nostalgic for fire ants

Back in 2002, the Rasberry crazy ant was identified by an exterminator named Tom Rasberry. The voracious insect regularly attacks animals, infests pantries and damages air conditioners. They’ve spread to many parts of Texas and the southern United States in recent years.


There’s still some uncertainty about the history of the Rasberry crazy ant. Nonetheless, the most common theory is that humans accidentally transported it from South America to Texas. This invasive species was a common pest in Colombia before it reached the United States, according to Texas A&M University. It continues to infest new parts of the state and the Gulf Coast region.


Rasberry crazy ants don’t always need to travel on foot. Cargo trains, boats, airplanes and trucks can inadvertently spread them. This may occur when vehicles carry agricultural products or trash. To prevent further infestations, be sure to examine potted plants and garbage bags before putting them in a car. These ants also spread naturally by creating new nests near existing colonies.


This insect often uses one of two techniques to infiltrate homes and businesses. Its small size allows it to easily crawl through very small cracks. Few structures are sealed thoroughly enough to prevent such invasions. The Rasberry crazy ant can even enter some cellphones, according to NBC News. They can infest kitchen appliances, pumps and computer equipment as well.

This pest may also invade your house if you bring infested items indoors. For example, potted flowers or discarded machines could contain ants. Keep in mind that any abandoned item might host a variety of pests.


To prevent Rasberry crazy ants from raiding your home or business, it’s important to stop them from nesting in nearby soil. Remove any tree limbs or piles of leaves from your property. If possible, take steps to eliminate unnecessary water sources. You can also deter this pest by sealing cracks in the siding, thoroughly cleaning indoor surfaces and putting food in airtight containers.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to stop insects from invading your home. Do-it-yourself baits usually fail to halt this type of infestation. To keep crazy ants at bay, it’s often necessary to tackle multiple indoor and outdoor colonies. The pest control specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services know how to defeat this invasive insect. Visit our website for more information:

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