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Why Aren’t Your Rat Traps Working?

some rat traps just don't workIf you have recently spotted mice or rats in your home, you might have set a couple of traps to try to capture them. Unfortunately, rat traps really aren’t the best solution to a rodent problem.

Some Traps Just Don’t Work

Many traps are not sensitive enough to pick up on the lightweight scurrying of a mouse or rat, so rodents can run right over them without getting trapped.

Some Rodents Are Very Crafty

A lot of rodents are experienced with traps and able to snatch the cheese right off of them without getting trapped. Many are frightened of these apparatuses and will avoid them completely. In most cases, mice and rats can find food in your home without having to resort to snatching it from a trap.

Dealing with a Trapped Rodent Isn’t Pleasant

If you have ever had to deal with the remains in a rat trap, you know that it really isn’t a pleasant experience. In many cases, mice or rats don’t actually get killed when the trap snaps shut. This is considered by many to be inhumane, and it can be unsettling to face an injured yet live rodent, even if they’re trapped.

They Might Be in the Wrong Locations

It can be challenging to place traps in the right locations. Chances are good that you don’t know the exact areas rodents actually frequent, so you might have a difficult time placing your traps where they’re most likely to be effective.

Traps Just Aren’t Enough

Even if you’re able to trap a couple of rodents with your traps, there’s a good chance that you’re barely scratching the surface. Mice and rats multiply quickly, and a true infestation simply can’t be taken care of with a handful of traps.

Instead of attempting to handle your infestation on your own, consider calling a professional. If you live in Dallas and are in need of professional assistance, the rodent control experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Dallas have you covered. We’ll take care of the mice and rats in your home and show you how to keep them out for good. For more information, including a free quote, call us at (469) 549-7300 or visit our website.

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