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Winter Lawn Care Don’ts

lawns still require maintenance in winterAs the warm weather begins to fade, your lawn’s need for seasonal maintenance doesn’t. Not quite. Although winter is a kind of lawn dormancy, neglecting winter care means your lawn is much less likely to flourish in the spring. With that in mind, here are some winter lawn care don’ts:

Don’t Let Debris Accumulate

Winter yard work can be unpleasant, but debris can ruin your lawn. Leaves, toys, and other items can damage your lawn by smothering the grass. Additionally, some debris will provide cover for troubling pests, including burrowing insects and rodents. Once the problems find a home in your lawn, severe damage to your property can occur.

Don’t Damage Your Turf

A healthy lawn is highly resilient during the active growing season, but dormant grass is easily damaged. According to Louisiana State University’s College of Agriculture, filling and aeration can disrupt your lawn during the winter.

Don’t Forget to Mow

Mowing during the late fall and early winter might seem strange, but you don’t want your dormant grass to be too tall. Tall grass can smother the turf and promote mold growth, so you must maintain a reasonable grass height by continuing to mow until your lawn is completely dormant.

Don’t Use the Wrong Fertilizer

Fall maintenance can impact your winter lawn’s health, and using the right fertilizer is important. Fertilizers with a high percentage of nitrogen can promote mold growth and cold damage. If you plan to fertilize in the late fall, a winterizing product with high potassium and phosphorous levels might be more appropriate.

Using a high-nitrogen fertilizer can also promote a late fall growth spurt, interfering with your lawn’s transition into dormancy. Dormancy allows your lawn to survive freezing weather, so late fall growth can make your lawn more susceptible to freezing conditions.

Avoid a Thirsty Lawn

Even though your lawn is dormant during the winter, it’s still sustained by a robust root system. This root system needs water, and precipitation can be scarce during winter. The frequency and duration of watering will be shorter than your usual summer watering routine, but you don’t want your lawn to be thirsty.

If you need help with your winter lawn care, contact us at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Houston. We have the knowledge and tools to cater to winter lawn maintenance needs.

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