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Apartment Complex & Commercial Building Services

Regular pest control management of apartments, condos, and other commercial buildings is necessary to keep these properties free of pests such as roaches, ants, spiders, and other insects, as well as rats or mice. At ABC, we put the health and well-being of your renters top of mind in developing pest control plans that offer environmentally responsible and preventive solutions. We also work hard to minimize any inconveniences to renters due to service.

Our trained specialists will thoroughly inspect your property inside and out to evaluate any existing infestations as well as any possible sanitation or structural issues that could lead to future problems. We will then customize a comprehensive pest management plan to treat immediate issues and establish regular maintenance to keep your property pest-free.

Our services include the following:

Pest & Termite Control 

Insect invaders, from the more obvious spiders and ants to the more concealed roaches and termites, not only cause renters aggravation and disgust but also can damage your property’s reputation. ABC has serviced the apartment and commercial building industry for years, including pioneering termite coverage in our apartment programs. Our licensed technicians thoroughly evaluate your property, including building exteriors for possible entry points or breeding grounds for pests, and then develop a pest control plan that best fits your needs. We can treat for a wide variety of common insect pests, including spiders, ants, roaches, crickets, wasps and bees, and mosquitoes.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bug infestations are particularly frustrating for apartment renters because the insects can be difficult to eradicate. ABC offers a comprehensive and aggressive treatment plan for bed bugs, with specialists on hand to inspect your property and develop a pre-treatment checklist. While we work hard to minimize any inconvenience to renters, light to moderate infestations may take 2-3 treatments over several weeks, while heavy infestations require 3 visits scheduled over several weeks to thoroughly treat the infestation.

Rodent Control 

Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other small wildlife may find their way into your apartment complex or building, taking up residence in attic areas or behind walls and potentially causing property damage. ABC’s trained technicians can inspect your property for any rodent activity and possible entry points, and then customize a pest management plan to handle any current issues and prevent the animals from returning.

Bird & Bat Control 

As with rodents; birds and bats may decide your apartment complex or commercial building makes a nice home for them too, by roosting in attic areas or under eaves. ABC can send our trained specialists to determine the extent of any bird or bat problem and develop a plan to humanely remove the animals, while sealing entry points to keep them from getting back in.

Lawn Car, Irrigation & Maintenance

Appearances are important. At ABC, we can help you maintain a beautiful lawn on your property with our regular mowing, weeding and edging services. We can also maintain irrigation systems to keep your lawns watered all summer long.

Landscaping and Tree Care

Count on us to keep your landscape in top shape. We provide landscape design and maintenance, including tree and shrub trimming, decorative gravel cleanup, and plant replacement.

Christmas Light Installation

Don’t forget us during the holiday season! ABC can decorate your property so all of your tenants can enjoy the holidays in style.

Keeping Your Building in Compliance

ABC works closely with you to ensure your property stays compliant with the necessary state and local regulations and inspections.

Call on Our Trained Technicians and Inspectors

ABC has inspectors and technicians who specialize in providing pest control service to apartment complexes and commercial buildings. Prior to service, we provide property owners or managers with a Material Data Safety sheet detailing the products we use and a pest control sign for renter notification.