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Commercial Services for Health Care Facilities

Like any large building, hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities can fall prey to pest invasions, but getting rid of pests must be done carefully using methods to minimize potential risks to patients and staff. At ABC, we take an environmentally conscientious approach to pest control management, including evaluating your facility for sanitation or structural problems that could contribute to infestations. Our treatment specialists then develop a plan that best fits your facility’s needs, including solutions for ongoing pest prevention.

Pest & Termite Control

When insects get in, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly, but establishing a preventive maintenance plan to keep pests from coming back is equally important. ABC’s licensed and experienced pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your facility to identify any pests or areas where pests can get in or breed and then customize a pest control program that works best for your facility.

Among the insect pests that ABC commonly treats for are flies, termites, ants, roaches, spiders, crickets, wasps and bees, and mosquitoes.

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are known primarily as a hotel pest problem, but these tiny insects can also find their way into hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities. Eradicating bed bugs—already a labor-intensive process—must be done carefully in a health care environment to minimize any risks to patients or staff. ABC has specialists on hand to thoroughly evaluate your facility and prepare a pre-treatment plan for the affected area. 

We generally recommend heat as a treatment method because it's fast, thorough and leaves no residual impact.  Rooms and areas treated are available for use almost immediately after treatment.

Rodent Control 

Like insects, rodents such as mice and rats can quickly set up residence given easy access and food sources, and for health care facilities, their presence could pose a health risk to patients and staff. ABC has specialists who can inspect your property for evidence of rodent activity and design a pest control program to handle any current problems and prevent rodents from returning.

Bird & Bat Control 

Birds and bats that decide to roost on your building can create a messy situation, but they also have the potential to carry harmful diseases. If evidence of bird or bat activity is found around your facility, you can call on ABC’s trained specialists to develop a plan to efficiently and humanely remove the animals and when appropriate, close off entry points to prevent them from getting back in.

Lawn Care & Landscaping

Appearances are important. At ABC, we can help you maintain a beautiful lawn on your property with our regular mowing, weeding and edging services. We can also maintain irrigation systems to keep your lawns watered all summer long.

Count on us to keep your landscape in top shape. We provide landscape design and maintenance, including tree and shrub trimming, decorative gravel cleanup, and plant replacement.

Christmas Light Installation

Don’t forget us during the holiday season! ABC can decorate your property so all of your tenants can enjoy the holidays in style.

Keeping Your Health Care Facility in Compliance

On occasions where your facility undergoes inspection (Joint Commission or Medicare inspections) ABC pro-actively makes available all materials for inspection certification such as data sheets, invoices and product usage.

You Can Count on Our Trained Technicians

ABC has the expertise to not only keep your health care facility pest and rodent-free, but we also have the knowledge and technology to help you stay in compliance with local regulations, and inspections. We want to make sure your property maintains all required professional standards.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Health Care

At ABC, our primary tenet for pest management is the practice of IPM – Integrated Pest Management. IPM says that there are a variety of practices that can improve pest management, before turning to the use of chemicals or products.

For example, ensuring that doors & windows are sealed securely all the way around, so that insects cannot enter the interior even when shut. Or ensuring that refuse bins are securely shut & sealed so that animals like rodents or raccoons aren’t drawn to the vicinity by easy access to food in the trash.

In fact, most visits by an ABC treating specialist will consist of inspection, monitoring and pro-actively ensuring that the customer’s premises don’t encourage pest visits by providing conducive conditions for pests to flourish.