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Healthcare - A Broad Term!

Hospitals - from Clinics to Campuses!  

ABC maximizes your protection and minimizes your concerns.  Beginning with exterior control, and then coming inside to all areas.  Sensitive areas abound here and ABC knows how to eliminate pest concerns without compromising your clean rooms.  Patient rooms must be protected without disturbing those residing there.  Food Service areas and environmental services round out the picture because food delivered to patients must come from a clean and pest free kitchen.

Nursing and Retirement facilities with more permanent clients and living quarters. This cross between housing and healthcare is unique.  Let ABC protect your brand and your business in this very sensitive environment.

State Health Departments

State Health Departments must be able to inspect both the facility and the log books with records of treatments, pest invasions, and trends.  ABC delivers this through our customer portal open 24/7 to all records of inspections, findings and treatments performed.

Healthcare is a Broad Term!

The term Healthcare refers to a huge variety of facilities.  Being able to dissect the complexities while making sure to choose methods and materials that will have no impact on the reputation of the facility and the people inside takes a higher level of training than almost any other area in pest control.  Sensitive environments abound, but pests do not care or respect them. 

As pests and rodents invade, they carry with them contaminants and even diseases. With governmental funding being affected by client feedback and patient satisfaction, ABC knows how what we do in protecting your facility can impact your financial survival.