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Lodging and Hospitality Industry Services

Every Facility has different needs, and ABC will tailor a program to meet those needs. ABC offers full service programs inside and outside your building. Proactive programs to minimize bed bug infestations and regular treatments to rooms and common areas will protect your reputation. 

Pest & Termite Control

Pest control is essential for the hospitality and hotel industry. At ABC Dallas, our specialists use a range of environmentally-safe techniques to ensure that you don’t have unwanted pests in your facilities, including roaches, termites, ants, wasps & bees, mosquitoes, rats & mice, and bed bugs. 

With the recent re-introduction of bed bugs, the hospitality industry has been hit the hardest. ABC is on the forefront of pro-active bed bug control. Bed bugs provide a particular nuisance for hotels. We provide heat remediation services to get rid of bed bugs without having to remove hotel furnishings or relocate large numbers of guests.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Appearances are important. We can help you maintain a beautiful lawn on your property with our regular mowing, weeding, disease control and edging services.

Remain in Compliance with Hotel and Food Handling Standards and Inspections

It’s important that you can always provide quality service to your customers by meeting or exceeding all hotel and food safety regulations and standards. At ABC Dallas we will help you remain in compliance with the State of Texas Health Services requirements and the Food and Environmental Health Services division of the Dallas Metropolitan Food District.

We will work with you to ensure that your business complies with Texas and Dallas regulations as well as industry standards. For the food and restaurant industry, this may include standards set forth by AIB International, Safe Quality Food (SQF), Silliker, NSF International, BRC Global Standards and ISO 22000.

Specialized and Verifiable Training Programs

Each specialist who comes to inspect and service accounts in the Hospitality Industry has been extensively trained. Training includes pest elimination in a commercial kitchen, common areas, exterior pest and rodent control programs, and finally Bed Bug inspection and treatment techniques. All training is verifiable and ongoing to keep up with the latest trends and changes in treatment methods.