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What kind of pool services can ABC provide in Lewisville?

Our certified professionals provide a variety of pool services in Lewisville, including routine maintenance and repair. 

A specialist balancing out chemicals as a part of a homeowner's pool services in Lewisville

More specifically, we offer:

Pool Cleaning 

Cleaning your pool may seem like a simple enough task at first. However, when you doing it on a routine basis, many pool owners realize it’s a much more involved chore than they had anticipated. To maintain healthy and clear pool water, your pool needs to be brushed, skimmed and vacuumed regularly. Instead of using your spare time putting work into your pool, spend that time relaxing by it and let the professionals from ABC do the hard work. 

Balancing Chemicals 

Balancing the chemicals in your pool can be a tricky process. For example, did you know that if your pool smells like chlorine, it could be because there isn’t enough chlorine in your pool? You can count on the specialists at ABC to keep the chemical composition of your pool healthy and to add chemicals whenever necessary to keep your pool healthy and clear. 

Pool Repair 

Many people don’t realize all of the different components that have to work properly in order for a pool to be healthy to swim in. Some common problems homeowners find themselves confronted with include clogged pool pumps, leaking skimmers and malfunctioning heating components. Pool equipment can be complex, and if you try to fix a problem yourself, you could end up causing further damage. Whatever has gone wrong with your pool equipment, you can rely on ABC to diagnose and repair the problem quickly. 

Pool Maintenance 

Outside of breakdowns that need immediate repair, pools also require routine maintenance if you want to catch potential problems before they become a bigger headache. That’s why we offer inspections to make sure everything is working just as it should and ongoing maintenance continues without any problems. 

Your ABC pool specialist will inspect all of the different parts that keep your pool and hot tub working properly: drains, filters, skimmers and any other important components. Also, as a part of your maintenance appointment, we will brush, skim, vacuum and balance out the chemicals in your pool.

What services can you provide for salt water pool owners?

We know that plenty of homeowners in the area have salt water pools. This is why all of our specialists go through an extensive training program to learn how to properly clean, maintain and repair salt water pools and all of the components specific to these types of pools. Our specialists can also help you convert your pool into a salt water pool. Even if you are just curious about salt water pools, our professionals can answer any questions you may have about the benefits and how we could go about converting your pool. 

Can you clean my pool while I’m out or at work?

After our initial appointment, you don’t need to be home in most cases while we clean and maintain your pool. For our first visit, you’ll need to be home so we can ask questions regarding your wants and needs, budget, pool components and other factors that can help us develop the best pool maintenance plan for you. Additionally, we’ll need to gather any information to gain access to your home while you’re gone, such as any gate codes. 

How often should my pool be cleaned by ABC?

When determining how frequently we should clean your pool, we will take into account the time of year, the type of pool, how often the pool is used and any other factors unique to your property. Then, we will work with you to create a pool cleaning schedule that best fits your schedule and budget.

My pool water has turned green. What’s going on?

Unfortunately, waking up to find that your pool water has turned green is not uncommon. There are a few possible reasons for that unsightly color, including:

  • Chemical imbalance 
  • Build-up of debris in your pool filter 
  • Pool pump problems 

Depending on what is the culprit, one of our specialists can typically get your pool back to normal by adding algaecide or sanitizer, or by shocking your pool.

How frequently do pool chemical levels need to be tested?

We typically recommend that homeowners have their pool chemical levels tested at least twice a week. We suggest this frequency because it can be unhealthy and even dangerous to swim in your pool if you don't regularly keep track of the chemical makeup of your pool water. When testing your pool, we generally recommend to our customers that they check their pool’s pH levels, chlorine and alkalinity.

After chemicals are added, how long do I have to wait before going swimming?

After our routinely scheduled pool cleaning treatments, you generally will only need to wait about an hour before taking a dip in the pool. If your pool requires additional chemicals to maintain a healthy chemical balance, we may recommend that you wait a bit longer before using your pool. Your specialist will be able to provide you further information, depending on the service provided. 

Can you maintain my hot tub?

Yes! ABC's specialists are also highly trained on how to keep your hot tub in good working condition. We can make any needed repairs and can test your hot tub's water to ensure it's maintaining a healthy chemical balance. 

What makes ABC the best choice for my pool services?

ABC has been providing services to homeowners for decades. Our company began as a pest control business, but thanks to our courteous professionals who provide high-quality services and our loyal customers, our service lines have grown to include heating and cooling services, lawn services, plumbing services and pool services in Lewisville! As a family-run business, we understand that you want to feel comfortable whenever a specialist arrives at your home, which is why we have a thorough hiring process in place which includes a drug test and a criminal background check.

Once specialists join our team, they go through an in-house training program to learn all about pool services and our high standards for customer service. Finally, one of our values is that we treat our customers' homes as if they were our own, so you can always expect your ABC professional to treat your property and your pool with respect. 

Does ABC provide any other services for homeowners in Lewisville?

Yes! In addition to pool service in Lewisville, ABC is happy to provide homeowners with: