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I need help getting started. Can you give me a free estimate?

While ABC does offer complimentary estimates, landscaping projects can vary so widely that we recommend discussing more extensive work face-to-face. 

Here's how the process usually works:

  • We find a good time for you to have one of our landscape designers meet you at your home.

  • We'll inspect your grass, irrigation system and plants to note their condition.

  • We'll perform a visual assessment to take note of your yard's unique features to determine sun requirements, how you use different parts of your outdoor areas and any nutritional deficiencies in your soil.

  • We'll ask you questions to determine any other needs you might have, including deer resistant plants or species that might do better in high-traffic areas.

After the inspection and consultation, our landscapers will offer some suggestions that meet your needs and budget. Once you approve our no-obligation, complimentary estimate, we can get you on the schedule to have the work done.

What types of landscaping projects can ABC help with?

For years, homeowners in McKinney and the surrounding areas have relied on ABC's pros for all kinds of landscaping work.

Landscaping McKinney TX

Our experienced landscapers have helped with projects and tasks of all sizes, including:

  • Adding or updating flower beds each season, or as needed

  • Lawn cleanups, either after a significant weather event or after leaves fall

  • Adding mulch to beds and around trees and bushes

  • Replacing or adding any other plants, hedges or trees to your landscape

  • Installing sod to prevent erosion and restore your lawn from an unsightly yellow to a vibrant green color

  • Inspecting and making any needed repairs to your sprinkler system to make sure your plants are getting the water they need

  • Applying seasonal fertilizers and lawn amendments to provide your landscape with the necessary ingredients to promote healthy plant growth

Can you still work with me if I need to spread my budget out over time?

We understand that while landscaping projects can significantly enhance your curb appeal, they can also eat away at your bank account. We’re happy to work with you to schedule your landscaping in a way that makes sense for your schedule and budget, whether that means completing work in phases, or all at once.

Do I need to be at home so that my landscaping work can be done?

ABC understands that homeowners are quite busy. After you approve the customized plan our landscaping team puts together to address your interests and priorities, your landscaping crew can return and work on the project while you are away.

We do ask that our customers provide us with any information we may need to access your outdoor areas so that our team can immediately get started. We also ask that you keep pets and children indoors while we are at work, out of concern for their safety.

Is there a better time of year to have landscaping done?

While many of our customers reach out to us to get their yards looking great during the spring months, there are enhancements you can make to your front and back yards any time during the year. Whether it’s installing drought-resistant plants or performing a color change to the bed in your yard, ABC can get the job done.

What other services does ABC provide in and around McKinney?

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we’re extremely grateful to our dedicated employees and loyal customers who have supported our family-owned and run business. We now offer all the following services in McKinney and the surrounding areas: