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What can ABC do to help with my lawn?

ABC's experienced and skilled technicians can perform many different types of lawn services to keep your grass and plants looking great and staying healthy, all year long. Some of the different types of projects and tasks ABC routinely performs for our Fort Worth customers include:

Lawn Service Fort Worth


There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to enhancing your outdoor spaces, whether it's adding in a flowerbed, changing out plants on a seasonal basis, swapping out high-maintenance species for native varieties, advising you on deer-resistant alternatives or putting in new grass. We understand that the options can get overwhelming, so we're happy to help you decide what will grow best in your yard and fit your style.

Sprinkler Repair & Inspections

We rely on our irrigation systems to help our grass and plants survive our hot, dry climate. If you notice areas that seem to be suffering, muddy spots or have changed the landscaping in your yard, one of ABC's sprinkler pros can tell you what might be going on or what tweaks you might want to make to stations or your watering schedule. After an inspection, we can also make any repairs so that your plants' watering needs will be met and your investments in your landscaping won't be wasted.

Lawn Fertilization

Our North Texas soils often lack key nutrients our plants need to flourish. ABC has developed a year-round fertilization program to give your landscape exactly what it needs, during the times of year that are most important for plant growth. We are more than happy to work with you to customize a fertilization plan to meet your needs and budget.

Weed Control

Pesky weeds can quickly detract from the aesthetic appeal of your yard. ABC uses specially-formulated weed prevention products to help you avoid having these plants pop up across your lawn. Our specialists are also well-versed in how to handle specific weed problems, including Dallisgrass, Nutgrass and broadleaf weeds.

Insect & Disease Control

One of the benefits of choosing ABC for your lawn care is that we're also experts in pest control. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of lawn disease or pest, including grubs, brown patch, spring dead spot, gray leaf spot, armyworms and chinch bugs.

Core Aeration

Soil compaction can prevent the roots of your plants from getting the moisture, oxygen and nutrients they need. By aerating your soil, you can loosen the dirt throughout your yard and make sure the root zone can fully support healthy plant growth.

Will I need to be at home when you provide my lawn services?

In most cases, our technicians are able to perform lawn services at your home without your needing to be present. Before we are scheduled to come, we do ask that you provide us with any needed information to access all the areas of your yard so we can do our work. We also request that children and pets remain indoors while lawn services are in progress, out of concern for their safety.

Are ABC's lawn products kid- and pet-friendly?

As a family-owned and operated business, we care about our customers and the communities we serve.

This philosophy extends to the products we use on your property. We wouldn't use anything on your lawn that we wouldn't use on our own. Our lawn specialists are trained in how to apply these low-impact products in a way that will protect the well-being of your loved ones. 

We are happy to address any specific concerns you might have about the products we plan to use on your lawn.

What kinds of equipment will ABC use in my yard?

ABC's crews will bring everything they need to provide the lawn services you signed up for. Our technicians use commercial-grade equipment, so you can expect the same, professional results every time we come to your home.

Why should I choose ABC for my lawn services?

Our customers tell us that they are happy they chose ABC because we provide reliable, friendly lawn services that make their lives easier. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we conduct thorough background checks and drug testing so that you can feel comfortable with ABC at your home, even when you are away. In addition to providing high-quality service, we promise to treat your yard like we would our own.