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Security Services Offered

Video Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Closed-circuit television systems containing interior and exterior cameras to detect and deter theft
  • Monitor your property and employees’ productivity remotely through remote video access or IP access
  • Specify camera view and access permissions for operators; all operator and system actions are logged providing a full trail of security operations in case of potential audits
  • Control individual cameras' pan-tilt-zoom functions, enter recording commands and simultaneously view high-quality live images from a single PC
  • ABC Houston can also monitor your business on your behalf 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for intrusion, fires, and security

Access Control

  • All card technologies, including proximity, smart card, magnetic stripe, bar codes, photo badges and multiple functionality cards; systems can also limit access to areas by date/time, specific areas, parking facilities only, specific elevators, and individual cardholder
  • Internet-based monitoring and control of who enters your facilities, no security designated PC required and compatible with Windows, Linux, and Unix operating systems
  • Additional options include closed circuit television systems, video badging, graphical user interface integration, and remote access software

Intrusion Detection

  • Glass break detectors
  • Door & window detectors
  • Motion detectors

Smoke Detectors

  • Voice instructions to ensure all employees evacuate
  • Smoke detectors contain a color-coded LED to pinpoint alarms when a room is filled with smoke
  • We help ensure your facilities are protected and always comply with local, Texas state and national fire safety codes
  • ABC additionally offers settings alarms by a zone in case certain areas of your business require smoke detector sensitivity adjustments for cooking or food smoking
Avoid Regulation & Inspection Penalties

ABC helps bring and keep commercial businesses compliant with inspections, satisfying fire and building safety standards.

Thoroughly Trained Technicians

ABC Specialists are thoroughly trained to specifically address the security and safety needs of commercial businesses.