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ABC provides essential services and will continue to maintain the safety, sanitation, comfort and operations of your home and business. Every specialist takes safety very seriously and is taking added precautions to protect our customers, colleagues, families and our community. Visit our COVID-19 Updates page for more.

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How soon can you come out?

We understand that if you’re having an issue with your irrigation system, you want a professional to take care of your problem as quickly as possible. Give us a call at (281) 730-9500 or schedule an appointment online and we will send someone to your home as quickly as we can. 

How can ABC help with my irrigation system?

ABC's experienced technicians provide friendly, professional sprinkler repairs, maintenance and installation to homeowners in Humble. We would be happy to service your:

  • Sprinkler heads 
  • Water pipes
  • Valves
  • Rain sensors 

In addition, we can map your existing above ground system to provide a jumping off point for any potential enhancements. 

Our experienced lawn crew can help you make decisions if you are considering investing in a new irrigation system. We will take into consideration your soil type, long-term landscape needs and your landscape's water requirements when working with you to select, design and install a new sprinkler system. 

After your irrigation system has been installed, we will perform any needed maintenance to address issues we find early on. 

Homeowners who choose ABC appreciate that our services aren't limited to sprinklers. We can also provide you with regular mowing, landscaping, mosquito control and outdoor lighting services.

Sprinkler Repair Humble TX
What sprinkler maintenance services do you provide?

ABC’s sprinkler experts can ensure your system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible by:

  • Cleaning and adjusting your sprinkler components on an as-needed basis 
  • Testing all parts to ensure they are working properly 
  • Making any adjustments that could make your system more cost-efficient 

Each time we visit, your experts will focus on whatever is needed to make sure your system is running smoothly and saving you money on your water bill.

Can ABC create a maintenance schedule?

Yes, one of the services ABC provides is routine sprinkler maintenance. We would be happy to work with your calendar and budget to create a sprinkler maintenance schedule that works best for you and your yard. 

What’s the warranty on the sprinkler systems you install?

Our lawn crews will review all manufacturer warranties with you prior to installing sprinkler systems on your property. If you take advantage of our annual sprinkler system service agreement, you can rest easy knowing that we will come to fix any problems that may arise after installation. 

How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

We will need to ensure we have the proper equipment and crews prior to scheduling your installation. Once we have decided on a timeframe that best fits your schedule, our professionals can have your residential sprinkler system installed in just about one to two business days. 

How much damage will occur to my yard during a sprinkler installation?

Our lawn care specialists will do everything they can to have as little impact on your yard as possible when installing a new sprinkler system. However, there are some factors that are out of our control, such as weather, rocks and roots on your property, as well as the amount of debris we encounter while installing your sprinklers. 

When your installation is complete, we will do our best to place your grass back into position. In most cases, your lawn will be back to normal in about a month. 

What’s the best time to water my lawn?

The optimal time to water your lawn is in the morning when there isn’t much wind, and when the heat from the sun doesn’t remove moisture from your plants as much. This watering schedule gives the water time to sink down into your plant's roots. However, as the day goes on the excess water will eventually evaporate. If you water in the afternoon, evaporation rates will be high, and as a result, much of your water will go to waste. Also, if it’s a windy day, there is potential for a lot of your water to get blown onto sidewalks, driveways, patios and decks instead of nourishing your lawn. 

Watering at night is not a great option either, as evaporation rates are too low and the excess moisture can encourage the growth of fungus and mildew. 

How much should I water?

Providing an answer to this question requires that we take a couple of different factors into consideration, since each yard is unique. We will look at your lawn type, your soil type, the amount of sun exposure your lawn gets, what season it is and how long you would like your grass to be in order to give you an answer that will keep your lawn looking bright and green all year long. 

Why should I hire ABC?

ABC is a family-run company that has been serving Humble homeowners for decades. Thanks to the ongoing support of the community, our company has grown from a pest control company to Houston's leading home services company, providing everything from lawn care to Christmas lights installation to landscaping services. Our technicians are courteous, reliable and knowledgable. Prior to landing the job, each ABC employee is all drug tested and checked for criminal history, so that you can feel safe having ABC on your property. 

We believe in treating your home as if it was our own and will always provide you with honest, friendly advice regarding sprinkler repairs, installation and maintenance.