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ABC provides essential services and will continue to maintain the safety, sanitation, comfort and operations of your home and business. Every specialist takes safety very seriously and is taking added precautions to protect our customers, colleagues, families and our community. Visit our COVID-19 Updates page for more.

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How soon can you come fix my sprinklers?

We understand that some sprinkler problems require immediate attention. Give us a call at (281) 730-9500 and we will send a technician to your home as quickly as possible. 

What types of sprinkler repairs does ABC provide?

The lawn care professionals at ABC can install, repair or replace all parts of your sprinkler system, including:

  • Sprinkler heads 
  • Water pipes
  • Valves
  • Rain sensors 

We can also provide a starting point for making repairs or replacements by mapping out your above-ground system. We can work with you to select, design and install a new irrigation system that is in line with your schedule and budget. We will also design a system that takes into account your soil type, long term needs and your yard’s water requirements. 

After installing a new sprinkler system, we can address and provide maintenance for any issues you come across.

Sprinkler Repair Kingwood, TX
Can you inspect my sprinklers?

Most manufacturers recommend an annual inspection of your sprinkler system to keep your system running smoothly and to prolong its service life. ABC’s experienced irrigation technicians can keep your sprinkler system working efficiently by:

  • Conducting a series of checks on all irrigation components 
  • Cleaning and adjusting sprinkler heads for maximum efficiency
  • Making any needed adjustments to provide you with the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly sprinkler system possible 

During each visit, an ABC lawn care expert will examine what your sprinkler system needs to perform at its best while saving you money on your water bill. 

Can ABC create a maintenance schedule?

You and your lawn care expert can come up with a maintenance schedule that works best with your calendar and budget so that you don't have to worry about when your next visit should be. 

What’s the warranty on the sprinkler systems you install?

We will review with you the manufacturer warranties for all of the products that we install. We also offer an annual sprinkler system service agreement so that our technicians can return to your home at no additional cost if a problem with your sprinkler system arises. 

How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

After our lawn care experts have gathered the information they need about what you need from your sprinklers, we will provide you with an estimate for a custom system. After we hear back from you that you are ready to get started, we will schedule the installation. If the proper equipment and staff are available, we can typically get a residential sprinkler system installed in one to two business days. 

How much damage will occur to my yard during sprinkler installation?

We will do everything we can to minimize the impact of your irrigation installation. However, there are certain factors that are out of our control. For example, weather conditions while we are installing, the amount of debris we find underground and the number of rocks and roots on your property can make your installation more invasive. 

When we have finished your sprinkler installation, our lawn crews will do our best to leave your yard and plants in the best condition possible. Any grassy areas that were disturbed should be back to normal in about a month.

What’s the best time to water my lawn?

The optimal time to water your yard is in the morning. During the early hours of the day, there is less wind and it is cooler than it will be later on. The earlier you water, the more of a chance your lawn has to completely dry, absorbing moisture. If you water in the afternoon or evening, your efforts will be less efficient, since evaporation rates are higher. Also, watering at night increases your chance of developing mildew and fungus. 

How much should I water?

Your ABC lawn care expert can recommend an effective and efficient watering plan that will work best for your lawn and soil. Some of the factors that will affect your watering schedule include the season, your soil, your sprinkler heads, what species of grass is in your yard and your sun exposure. 

Why should I choose ABC for my sprinkler repairs?

ABC has been helping Kingwood homeowners keep their outdoor areas looking beautiful for decades. In addition to being known for our high-quality, friendly service, we believe in treating your property as if it were our own. As a family-owned and run business, we only hire the best of the best. All ABC employees are subject to drug testing and thorough background checks so that you can feel comfortable having a technician on your property. In addition, our technicians receive extensive in-house training so they will be prepared to handle any type of sprinkler repair problem you might have.