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I wanted to share with you how happy I am with Ross. Ross is a very patient and good trainer. He's made several extra visits to my pool over the past couple of weeks to ensure everything is “right”.  This is the first time in a year that the pool is actually right. Brent is also very prompt in calling me back and seems to know his stuff. Thank you!

- Joe H., July 2013
What kind of pool remodeling do you do?

The services we provide are built around what you need. Our ABC pool remodeling Houston experts can renovate your existing pool by re-plastering, tiling, or coping. We can also add new water features including fountains and waterfalls or re-finish your pool with Water Edge products that provide more durability and an alternative to traditional plaster finishes.

Can ABC install equipment I purchased?

ABC can install new pool equipment such as ladders, pool cleaners, and pool lights. For your convenience, pool equipment is also available for purchase and installation through ABC.

Can you remodel the area around the pool as well?

If your deck needs revamping, ABC can spray paint and/or engrave it with a stamped overlay. We can renovate your outdoor pool area with pavement or re-pave for a more modern look.

We can also add the finishing touches to your new beautiful outdoor space with new lighting and fresh landscaping.

Meet Our Pool Remodeling Team

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  • Rey Garza
    Pool Maintenance Technician
  • Jake Fisher
    Pool Maintenance Technician
  • Donald Lynch
    Pool Maintenance Technician
  • Blake Gaines
    Pool Maintenance Technician
  • Chris Donohue
    Pool Maintenance Technician
  • Adrian Vigil
    Pool Maintenance Technician

Meet Our Pool Remodeling Managers

Brent Weikel
Lawn Care & Pool Maintenance Manager

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