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Are the inspections ABC provides for pest control services free of charge?

We are happy to provide free, no-obligation inspections for Enid homeowners. We may even be able to provide you with a quote over the phone, depending on what you need and the extent of the infestation. In some situations, we recommend an in-person meeting so we can get a more thorough understanding of your pest problem. In these situations, we are able to create the most effective treatment plan possible if we are able to learn more about what's going on firsthand.

During our initial inspection, your ABC pest control specialist will:

  • Ask you questions about where you’ve been seeing signs of pest activity or pests
  • Identify the species of pest, if necessary
  • Evaluate your property for any structural issues or environmental factors that could make your property more susceptible to a pest infestation.
  • Inspect your home and yard for any pest-related damage
  • Assess the extent of the infestation
  • Leave time for you to ask questions you might have regarding our pest control processes

After the inspection, ABC will provide you with an estimate for recommended next steps that are tailored to your pest control needs. Once you are happy with your estimate, we will schedule our first appointment at a time most convenient for you.

Which types of pest control services do you provide in Enid?

ABC has been a trusted provider of pest control services since 1949. With decades of experience, we are uniquely qualified to handle any type of pest control in Enid and the surrounding communities. That said, we get the most requests for help with:

Cockroach Control

These little bugs are widely disliked. Roaches will infest even the cleanest of homes, and when they do, they can damage belongings, spread bacteria, contaminate food and worsen allergies. In addition to inspiring disgust, these pests are especially hard to get rid of because of how resilient they are. To make matters worse, some females can lay up to 10,000 eggs in a single year.

When you contact ABC for cockroach control, you can feel confident that our specialists will be able to locate roach hiding and nesting area. Then our specialists implement a targeted pest control solution to get rid of these pests and provide you with recommendations for how to prevent future cockroach problems.

Wasp Control

These stinging bugs become a problem when they nest on our properties. Wasps tend to gather near commonly traveled areas like entryways, eaves, patios, decks and trees, making them even more of a nuisance. A wasp sting is painful on its own, but for someone that is allergic, it can have even more serious health implications. Our specialists can remove any nests and seal up potential nesting spots wasps could use.

Ant Control

Here in Enid, there are a variety of different ants that homeowners may find on their property. Since different species have different behaviors, there is no one solution to successfully eradicating an ant population. For example, some species prefer protein, while others feast on sugary foods. While some ants tunnel through the wood that makes up your home’s structure, other species nest underground. 

Fire ants have become more of an issue here in the Enid area in recent years. If you, a family member of a pet accidentally disturbs a fire ant mound, these ants can be relentless, leaving the victim with many painful welts. ABC specialists can create a comprehensive treatment plan to take care of any variety of ant on your property.

Spider & Scorpion Control

Although spiders can cause quite a scare when you see them, you should still keep an eye out for brown recluses and black widows, as these two types are venomous.

Scorpions sometimes hide out in hidden spots in our garages and sometimes in closets and attics in our homes. When these animals feel threatened, they can sting, which can be quite painful. ABC can alleviate any worries you may have about spiders or scorpions on your property. Our pest control specialists can identify the variety of spiders or scorpions you have and then apply solutions to reduce their presence on your property. 

Termite Control

These destructive insects that mostly go unseen cost homeowners across the U.S. billions of dollars in damage each year. The most common species of termite is the subterranean termite, which lives most of its life underground. Because they aren’t as commonly seen, like some other pests, homeowners may not realize there is a colony on their property until extensive damage has been done. To make matters worse, a colony can have up to one million members that can eat away at your home's foundation all day, every day.

In order to get rid of termites, your ABC termite technician will use a two-fold approach. First, our specialists locate the colony and use proven methods to eradicate all its members. Then, our specialists apply preventative treatments around your home’s perimeter to act as a barrier against future invasions. For peace of mind that your largest investment will remain protected, we recommend signing up for our ongoing termite monitoring program. With this program, you will receive regular checks for signs of termite activity so we can stop any problems before they lead to costly damage.

Rodent Control

Unlike termites, you likely know if you have a rat or mice problem on your property. It’s unsettling to see rodents in and around your home, especially because they can contaminate food, spread diseases, damage belongings, make messes and even cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. In addition, they can also bring smaller pests like fleas and ticks into your home.

If you’re ready to permanently get rid of these pests, contact ABC’s experts. We trap and remove any uninvited guests on your property, then seal up any entry points other rodents could use to get into your home. Before we leave, we provide recommendations for how to make your property less attractive to these pests going forward.

Bed Bug Control

While bed bugs were once almost entirely eliminated from the U.S., the ease of modern travel and resistance to some pest control products led to a resurgence in their populations. Bed bugs hide in areas where they can easily access hosts (that's us) to get a blood meal, like the seams of a mattress or in the furniture.

It’s hard to control bed bug infestations on your own because of how tiny these bugs are and how long they can go in between feedings. Worse still, prolonged infestations often take a huge emotional toll. At ABC, we help homeowners finally get a good night's sleep.

Tick & Flea Control

Just because you don’t have a pet doesn’t mean you can’t have a flea or tick problem. Fleas are prolific breeders, so infestations can seem to develop out of nowhere. Fleas bite our pets and us, which can result in painful welts that can lead to secondary infestations if scratched. Not to mention, you can still have a flea problem even if your pet is on a flea control regimen since products cannot typically target fleas at all stages of their life cycle.

Tick infestations are much rarer than fleas, but a single tick bite can have more serious implications. Ticks transmit Lyme disease to humans, which can be life-altering. DIY efforts to remove these pests are often also unsuccessful. When you contact ABC for pest control, we create a customized and extensive treatment plan to target either fleas, ticks or both.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are fairly common here in Enid. While they seem like they just cause annoying itchy bites, some of us can forget that these bothersome insects are also capable of transmitting serious illnesses. Mosquitoes can transfer the West Nile virus and the Zika virus, among others. Even though public health departments have put measures in place to reduce the number of mosquitos in Garfield County, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate all of these bugs in a residential area. These bugs need only a bottle cap’s worth of water to produce, and some females can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. Our specialists help Enid homeowners by implementing a variety of different mosquito control treatments to reduce mosquito populations and neutralize their breeding grounds.

What can you tell me about the impact of the products you use on pets and children?

As a family-run business, we are committed to carefully considering your family members, including the furry ones when we create your treatment plan. One of our guiding philosophies is treating our customers’ homes as we would our own, which extends to the pest control plans we create and the products we use. We choose only products that are formulated for residential use.

When we meet you at your home for your initial inspection, we will determine the lowest concentration of chemicals to ensure that we have dealt with your problem effectively, while being low impact. If you have any further questions about the products that we use, your ABC specialist would be happy to answer them.

How often do you service my house?

We understand that once a homeowner realizes they have a pest control problem, they want it resolved as soon as possible. Since Enid has a high level of pest activity, we typically recommend multiple treatments. This is to make sure that we have properly controlled the pest problem and have confirmed that we have halted the reproductive cycle. For long-term relief, we recommend signing up for our ongoing pest management plan. This plan gives Enid homeowners the peace of mind that the most common household pests will be kept to a minimum on your property throughout the year.

Why should I choose ABC?

ABC has been honing our pest control skills for over 70 years. By helping homeowners in Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida for generations, we have developed a reputation for delivering effective pest control solutions with excellent customer service. We are able to uphold our standards of service by having a rigorous hiring process, which includes a thorough drug test and background check, followed by specialized training.

As a family-run business, we know that families in Enid would much rather be spending the day doing many other things rather than worrying about pests, whether that's heading to the Railroad Museum of Oklahoma, checking out the Great Salt Plains State Park or taking pictures at the Butterfly Mural. Lastly, our customers tell us that they continue to use ABC because we are committed to treating our customers’ homes as if they were our own.