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Kevin Davis did an excellent job at my home for my initial service today. He was thorough, considerate, and was very good at communicating. Because of him, I am happy to continue services with ABC.

- Sidney O.
What kinds of services do you provide?

ABC in Oklahoma City provides fertilization services to keep your yard green and healthy. 

How can you help me keep my yard pest-free and healthy?

We offer several different kinds of traditional lawn care services. The basics start with six yearly applications of fertilizers as well as appropriate weed control compounds.

How do your fertilizer treatments work?

We use top-quality fertilizer products that your lawn and the environment will love!

  • Our products include a granular, slow-release fertilizer with micro-nutrients. These special nutrients contribute to sustained growth and superior color.
  • The slow-release fertilizer controls nitrogen release into the soil, which is better for the environment and also helps to keep our groundwater cleaner.
What other types of lawn care services are available?

We offer several other optional lawn care services and we can design a specific program to meet your needs. Some of the things we can help with are:

Insect Control

Our specialists are trained to identify signs of insect infestations. If they notice signs of activity during your regular service, they’ll let you know. Specialized treatments are available, as an optional service.

Disease Control

Also available as an optional service, if needed.

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Another optional service available is a customized program for your ornamental trees and shrubs. We offer a comprehensive set of products, which includes granular, slow-release fertilizer as well as applications for the control insects and disease-fostering conditions.

Core Aeration

This process has multiple benefits for your lawn, including the loosening of compacted soil, reduced water runoff and puddling, and better absorption of nutrients, water and air by the turf roots.