Virucide Prevention Program

In addition to the essential services we continue to provide to our customers, ABC technicians can apply EPA-registered disinfectant products at your facilities to help protect the health and safety of our community. Together, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Food Processing Services

Pest Management

Food processing businesses offer a very appealing environment for pests. They can carry disease, damage inventory and equipment, and cause problems with customers and health inspectors alike. Businesses must always be on the lookout for a wide range of pests in the Orlando area. Our technicians will identify and block entry points where pests have the ability to gain access to your facility, set traps, and apply pest control treatments where needed. Once we have treated your property, we will conduct routine inspections to maintain your pest protection. We offer pest control services that will help your business deal with:

  • Rodents
  • Ants
  • German roaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Palmetto bugs and roaches
  • Termites

Fly Management

Flies are a nuisance in any business that handles food, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. Customers generally associate flies with a lack of cleanliness and, perhaps even more importantly, a loss of appetite. An effective fly management system is essential for food processing businesses.

We can protect your business from flies and other flying insects with a range of products that attract and kill flies. We use a 4 tier approach to fly management including: fly lights in kitchen or bar areas, fly traps, drain treatment & fly bait stations. We can equip your business with one or more wall- or ceiling-mounted Mantis units, which use powerful ultraviolet bulbs to attract adult flies. Once the flies enter the device, they are trapped by adhesive surfaces. In addition to clearing these insects from your business, this allows us to identify the specific types of insects and adapt your pest management plan accordingly. We can also treat areas where flies are likely to breed, such as garbage areas and food preparation areas, with a microbial solution that attacks fly larvae and inhibits their ability to feed.

Food Processing Inspections and Regulations

ABC Home & Commercial Services can help bring your Orlando food processing business into compliance with following inspections and standards: AIB, SQF, Silliker, NSF, BRC, and ISO 22000.

Technician Training for Food Processing Businesses

Our inspectors and technicians receive extensive training and licensing in the particular pest management needs of the food processing industry. We will work closely with you and your employees to assess your needs and develop a customized service plan for your business. We will also provide you with Material Data Safety (MDS) sheets and manufacturer’s labels for every product we use in your business.