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School Services

Pest Management and Removal

  • Common school facility pests in Texas include ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, house flies, mosquitoes, birds, and bats.
  • Our Specialists will work with you to identify potential areas of your school that may serve as entry points for pests and identify any pests that are currently a problem. This might include windows without screens, doors propped open, wet areas in the playground, or other environmental factors that could potentially attract pests.
Inspections & Regulations for Schools

ABC helps bring industries into compliance with the following inspections/standards: AIB, SQF, Silliker, NSF, BRC & ISO 22000

ABC Specialists Are Thoroughly Trained and Certified

ABC Specialists are always trained and certified extensively before becoming a member of our family. We know that it’s important for a school to hire trustworthy, experienced, and responsible contractors. That’s why we will work with you at every step of the inspection and treatment process.

We also assure that all of our employees have passed a thorough background check.