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How often will you service my lawn?

This greatly depends on your property, and we’ll help you come up with a custom plan designed just for your lawn’s needs. Practices such as lawn mowing, fertilization, and manual watering must be done on a schedule to maintain the health of the lawn. We’ll figure out what is best for your lawn, budget, and timeline and are flexible when seasonal factors require us to be.

What lawn services do you offer?

Ecologically Friendly Plant Recommendations

Depending on your property, our Lawn Care Specialist will help you determine what type of plants will work best for your property. We always prefer to work with plants that do best in the unpredictable East Texas weather, so we may recommend using species that are drought-resistant. This will be easier to manage, particularly in seasons with water shortages.

Some drought-resistant turfgrasses include:

  • Zoysia grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • St. Augustine grass
  • Buffalo grass
  • Fescues

Protection against Insects and Disease

If there are insects or diseases that are causing damage to your lawn, our Lawn Care Specialist will identify them. Part of our lawn service includes inspecting your lawn for areas of damage. If insects are found, we will first identify and treat them on a curative basis.

To see a list of the pest control services we offer, please visit our Pest Control Services page.

Some of the more common diseases that affect turfgrass in Tyler are:

  • Brown Patch: a soil-born fungus that is mostly aesthetic in its damage. A small dead patch can quickly become larger
  • Take-All Disease: a common fungi that can cause turfgrass to die off
  • St. Augustine Disease: a virus that causes large yellowish-brown patches of die-off

Fertilization prevents Weed Growth

We also recommend fertilization for all of our customers. Our fertilizers are naturally derived and aid in the general health of your lawn. Fertilization is also a great way to prevent weeds and other intruders from gaining traction in your lawn. If the turfgrass that makes up your lawn is healthy and thriving, weeds will not be able to grow.

Are your products friendly for pets and children?

We understand this is an important part of lawn care, especially when you have little ones running around! That’s why we strive to use fertilizers that are low-impact and naturally derived. We will never apply anything to your lawn without discussing it with you first.

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