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What is Termimesh?

Termimesh is a non-corrosive, stainless steel mesh that acts as a physical barrier from termites entering your home. This durable, non-toxic mesh is attached to all individual penetrations from the soil, like plumbing pipes and electrical. Concrete is then poured over the mesh, providing a truly impenetrable barrier.

The Termimesh system works because the holes in the mesh are too small for even the smallest termites to squeeze through, and much too hard for them to chew through.

Why would I need Termimesh on my property?

Termimesh has been tested over and over in all different settings around the world. It is reliable, effective, and has been approved by both the Southern Building Code Congress and the Structural Pest Control Board.

Because the Termimesh system is installed into the very foundation of a building, there is no need for repeated treatments. This means it is a cost-effective method to prevent termite colonization.

How do you install the system?

The Termimesh system is installed by trained professionals who will work with your builders and contractors to ensure proper guidelines for installation. The Termimesh system also comes with a warranty so if it ever needs repairs or is damaged in some way, our technicians will be available for repair.

Is Termimesh friendly for pets and children?

Yes! Termimesh is harmless to humans and animals.

What if I sell my home?

Protecting your home from termites is crucial to enhancing and maintaining its value. If you decide to sell your home in the future, all of the Termimesh services and warranties are transferable to the new owners.

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