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Three Reasons To Outsource Your Lawn Care

outsource your lawn care

For many homeowners, regular lawn care is the bane of their existence. You work all week long, take care of your family, run errands, attend kids’ sporting events – and the list goes on.

The last thing you want to do in your free time is mow, edge, and weed your lawn. Maybe you alternate between doing it yourself and hiring the neighborhood teenagers, but they aren’t always available. So you end up doing it yourself most of the time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to rid yourself of that burden, and still enjoy a healthy, well-cared for lawn? Consider hiring a lawn care service that will maintain your lawn and save you time and money in the process.

Choose Happiness

There are numerous reasons why choosing to outsource your lawn care is better than doing it yourself. The first one is self-evident: if you want to be happy, you shouldn’t spend precious time doing things you don’t enjoy.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia conducted a study in early 2016, where they asked participants a handful of questions regarding tradeoffs of time and money. In one real example, study participants were offered a choice between $50 in cash and $120 in credit towards a housekeeping service. Participants who chose time over money reported higher overall happiness.

That’s not to say that you should outsource everything. However, when evaluating your budget against your free time, make sure to take into account how much you enjoy doing something and how much it costs.

Cut Costs

When considering what it costs to maintain your own lawn versus a lawn care service, remember that there are other costs apart from the time spent on mowing the lawn. Not only do you need to purchase tools to care for your lawn, you also have to perform maintenance on those tools.

Lawnmowers need regular fuel purchases, sharpening of blades, oil changes, and cleaning or replacement of both spark plugs and air filters (just like your car). Weedwackers require similar maintenance – spark plug replacement, regular lubrication, and regular maintenance of the cord/trimmer line, to name a few. Add a few other tools into the mix, like hedge trimmers and garden tillers, and you’ve got a lot of extra work on your hands!

A lawn service, on the other hand, has a staff that is focused on lawn care every day, and a wide variety of equipment. Not only do they get economies of scale by mowing lawns frequently, they also maintain their equipment frequently.

Get Expert Advice

Another reason to hire a lawn care service is you not only get service on your lawn and well-cared-for equipment. You’re also buying their expertise!

When you do it yourself, the burden is on you to figure out how short to cut your grass based on the time of year, how to best identify and get rid of weeds, and when to fertilize your grass and how much. These are all common issues that lawn services deal with on a regular basis, and they are intimately familiar with the best practices for a healthy lawn.

In addition, you might be interested in additional landscaping services for your yard. If you have an existing relationship with a lawn care service, you can always ask to see what additional services they might provide. And they’ll have the background of already knowing your lawn and what might work best for your needs.

Let ABC Handle Your Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy lawn is one of the costs of being a homeowner, but lawn care doesn’t need to take up a large portion of your weekend. Save your free time for activities you enjoy, and outsource lawn care to a professional service that can get the job done quickly and at a low cost. Learn more about ABC San Antonio’s lawn care services, and contact us to see if our services fit your lawn care needs.

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