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Take-All Root Rot: Symptoms and Causes

take all root rot

For anyone who adores their yard, take-all root rot is one of the worst things to deal with. This disease puts all your time and hard work to waste, causing weak and dead patches in your yard.

If you’re worried about take-all root rot taking over your yard, here are the first signs to look out for. Remember that prevention is always better than treatment. If take-all root rot in your yard has gotten out of hand, don’t despair. A lawn service professional can restore it to its former glory. You can also schedule regular maintenance to ensure your yard is in tip-top shape.

Take-All Root Rot Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Root rot is a fungal disease that mostly affects warm-season grasses like bermuda, St. Augustine and zoysia grass.


This lawn condition is caused by a fungus that lives in soil. It is most commonly found in grass that looks diseased but can also … Read Full Post »

Best Season to Prune Trees

pruning trees

If you’re growing trees on your property, you’re probably eager to give them all the TLC they need to thrive. But before you head out to your garden and start pruning, knowing how to do this is important. Pruning trees is a misunderstood chore, leading homeowners to sometimes do more harm than good. Unfortunately, incorrect pruning can lead to poor or unnatural plant growth and low flower and fruit production.

If you want lush greenery in your garden, it helps to know the best season to prune trees. However, the timing depends on the type of tree and other factors.

Here’s an in-depth guide on when to schedule pruning and other helpful tips. For the best results, let a professional arborist take over. The arborist will give your trees the proper care they deserve. They can also tell you about the difference between tree pruning and trimming.

Best Season to Prune Trees: Factors … Read Full Post »

Landscape Ideas for Front of the House

The front of a house

Are you ready to turn the front of your house into your dream landscape? When it comes to landscape ideas for the front of the house, the options are endless. From flowers to hedges to vegetable gardens, you can achieve any look you want while boosting your home’s curb appeal at the same time.

The best way to achieve your dream front yard is to take your ideas to a landscaping specialist and let them bring them to life.

Landscape Ideas for Front of the House

A front yard allows homeowners to be creative and curate a beautiful landscape. You can wow your guests and turn your front yard into a space that you love to spend time in.

The following landscape ideas for the front of the house are appealing for several reasons. Some are simple to install and maintain, while others require more care. If you want to transform your front yard, … Read Full Post »

Best Grass for Shade in Texas

Zoysia grass

While having a shaded property is ideal in the sweltering heat of the summer, it’s not the best for growing grass. Home gardeners know how hard it is to grow luscious grass under trees and other shaded areas. But before you call it quits, knowing that some grass types have no problem thriving in the shade is helpful.

If you’re dealing with patchy or bare spots on the shaded parts of your lawn, try switching to these grass types. However, the best thing you can do for your lawn is to contact a professional. A lawn care specialist can make your grass look beautiful in the sun or shade.

Best Types of Grass That Do Well in the Shade

While Bermuda grass is a popular choice for lawns in Texas, it’s not the best choice for shaded areas. These types of grass are better suited for your property if it gets less sun.


Many … Read Full Post »

How To Prune Citrus Trees

a citrus tree

Imagine waking up to a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice every morning. With citrus trees in your garden, you can enjoy this. But to get the reward, you have to put some work into your citrus trees.

If you’re wondering how to prune citrus trees, here’s a guide to take you through the process. For busy homeowners who don’t have time for gardening work, a professional arborist can keep your citrus trees healthy and beautiful. The arborist has the tools and skills to prune, water and fertilize citrus trees.

How To Prune Citrus Trees: Methods, Timing and Equipment

Most deciduous trees need regular pruning to stay healthy. Pruning invigorates the trees and reconfigures their branches, making them less prone to breaking under heavy crops. It also helps them produce better-tasting fruits.

If you have experience with deciduous trees, like oak trees, you might think citrus trees require the same care. However, citrus … Read Full Post »

What You Need to Know about Take-All Root Rot

take all root rot

For many homeowners, their lawn is their pride and joy, and they take pride in keeping it healthy and beautiful. But even with your undivided care and attention, your lawn can suffer from fungal diseases and develop unsightly brown patches. Take-all root rot is a turfgrass fungal disease that can leave your green lawn looking unsightly.

If you don’t know what take-all root rot looks like, here are the signs to look out for. If the symptoms are already widespread on your turf, it’s time to contact an expert. A lawn service professional has the tools and expertise to restore your turf to its former glory.

Appearance and Causes of Take-All Root Rot

Take-all root rot is a fungal disease that causes turfgrass to weaken, resulting in brown, irregular patches on your lawn. The fungus Gaeumannomyces graminis is the culprit behind this destructive disease. It lives in thatch, an undigested layer of leaves, … Read Full Post »

Types of Magnolia Trees

southern magnolia tree

Did you know that there are more than 200 species of magnolia trees? In Central Texas, four main types thrive in our warm weather and sunlight: southern magnolia trees, little gem magnolia trees, saucer magnolia trees and star magnolia trees.

Each type of magnolia tree produces stunning flowers that make them the focal point of any lawn or garden. However, they have different care and maintenance needs, so it’s helpful for homeowners to understand the difference between each type.

Southern Magnolia

The southern magnolia tree, pictured above, is beloved for its large, velvety, dark green leaves. It grows larger than other types of magnolia trees, and some can reach up to 80 feet tall. Because of its noble size and appearance, this tree is also known as the “Grand Dame” of the magnolia tree family.

Southern magnolia trees produce beautiful and fragrant white flowers that grow as large as 12 inches in diameter. With … Read Full Post »

Ground Moles: Identification Guide

a ground mole

Do you know how to identify moles? These pesky creatures live most of their lives underground, making a mole sighting rare for homeowners. However, it’s important for homeowners to understand mole behavior.

You can try several at-home remedies to deter moles from entering your yard. However, once the moles are there, you need to work with a pest control specialist to control them.

An expert will have the right tools and expertise to deal with the problem. They can also help you implement prevention methods to minimize the likelihood of moles coming back in the future.

Ground Moles: Identification Guide

Did you know that ground moles are mammals? These critters feed on grubs, worms and insects and can ingest 60 to 80% of their body weight daily.

Because they eat bugs, ground moles are incredibly beneficial to the ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean that you want them living on your property.

Ground moles live in tunnels … Read Full Post »

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out? How To Avoid These Pests

mosquitoes on a person's arm

As winter winds down, the days grow longer and the weather slowly begins to warm up. The beauty of it all almost makes us forget that it’s about time for mosquitoes to come out again. As many people know, mosquitoes are more active when it’s warmer outside. This is unfortunate because the same is also true for humans. Many of us, especially those of us with pleasant outdoor spaces, hope to get in as many comfortable afternoons and evenings outdoors as we can before mosquitoes come out in full force once again.

Of course, different people react to mosquito bites differently. Not everyone finds them terribly itchy and annoying, though many people do. Additionally, these pests seem drawn to certain people more than others—is it due to differences in pheromones? Carbon-dioxide output? Body heat levels? Do some people just have sweeter blood? Are mosquitoes attracted to perfume? As you feel yourself … Read Full Post »

Why Is My Water Heater Tripping the Breaker?

an electric water heater

It can be incredibly frustrating when your water heater keeps tripping the breaker, especially when you need to prepare for the day. If you’re dealing with this problem, here are the most probable causes and how to troubleshoot them.

It’s always best to let a professional take over to fix issues with your water heater. A plumbing professional has the tools and expertise to solve any water heater issue and will have your unit running properly again.

What To Do When Your Water Heater Keeps Tripping the Breaker

If your water heater keeps tripping the breaker, constantly resetting it will not solve the problem. Instead, consider it a sign that it needs fixing or replacing.

Here are the most common reasons behind this issue and how homeowners can address them. Even if you’re confident in your DIY plumbing skills, you’ll need the help of a professional for most of these situations.

Burnt-Out Heating Element

A burnt-out … Read Full Post »