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Types of Rodents and Wildlife in Houston

Types of Rodents

Whether their presence pops into your mind when thinking about the Lone Star state or not, the reality is, Texas is home to an abundance of rodents and wildlife. Houston is no different. In fact, our city is one of the most populated and diverse wild animal ecosystems in the state. The greater Houston area offers a combination of lush outdoors, bayous and urban dwellings which serve as the habitat for a wide array of rodents and wildlife.

Types of Rodents and Wildlife in Houston

Seeing rodents or other types of wildlife when you are out and about is one thing. Spotting one of these animals in your yard is likely to produce an entirely different reaction. Learn more about the types of rodents and wildlife that might make it into your outdoor spaces and the steps you can take to make sure they get out—and stay out.

Roof Rats

Rats are much larger than … Read Full Post »

They Can Invade Your Home, But Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair?

Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair

Bed bugs. Chances are good that you’ve heard of them, or even had a friend who has had a run-in with these pests that love to bite humans, feeding on their blood and leaving an itchy, painful rash behind. For most of us, the idea of bed bugs sends a shiver of fear up the spine, yet many people don’t actually know much about this insect, its habitat or its habits.

They Can Invade Your Home, But Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair?

Can bed bugs live in your hair? Do they fly or cause diseases? And how difficult are they to get rid of, once they’ve invaded your living space? The more you know about bed bugs, the better you can protect yourself and your home from a bed bug infestation.

Some Bed Bug Facts

After being all but eradicated in the 1940s and ’50s, bed bugs began making a resurgence all over … Read Full Post »

How to Treat Ant Bites

how to treat fire ant bites

For such a tiny creature, ants have quite an impact on humans. These insects have lived on Earth for over 100 million years, outlasting the dinosaurs. As social animals, ants live in groups that can number in the millions. Although ants perform an important function in nature, bites from these pests can be annoying, painful and can even trigger a life-threatening allergic reaction in some individuals.

How To Treat Ant Bites

To help better understand how to treat an ant bite, it’s helpful to know about the different types of ants you might encounter and what attracts them to your home. Once you have treated your ant bite, you’ll also want to learn how to avoid an infestation so you won’t getting bitten in the future.

The Fire Ant

The ant most commonly associated with painful stings is the fire ant, which is sometimes called the red ant or simply RIFA (for red imported … Read Full Post »

Summer Lawn Care Tips

summer lawn care tips

Let’s see if this sounds familiar: You buy a new barbecue to enjoy grilling out while the weather is nice and warm. You plan your menu. Get all the fixings. But when you head out back to get started, you barely recognize your yard. There are just as many patches of weeds as there are brown spots and you can’t walk more than a few feet without stepping on an anthill.

What happened? There are many reasons our lawns can look a little worse for the wear during the summer months. Luckily, we have a few suggestions on how to keep your outdoor spaces looking great, even during the hottest months of the year.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summers in southern states can be brutal for lawns. Temperatures frequently reach triple digits. Rain may come infrequently – if at all– and insects and weeds are out in full force. If you’re not paying attention, your … Read Full Post »

How To Make An Air Conditioner Colder

how to make an air conditioner colder

If your air conditioner is older or overdue for regular servicing, cleaning and other maintenance, it won’t run at peak efficiency—which means it won’t be able to blow air that is as cold as you want it to be during the warmer times of year.

How To Make An Air Conditioner Colder

If you’ve been wondering how to make an air conditioner colder, look no further. Whether you’re dealing with central air conditioning system or a window unit, we have several tips homeowners can use to make your air conditioner work more effectively. Some are basic maintenance tips and some are tricks of the trade that could make all the difference in cooling your home efficiently.

How Air Conditioning Units Work

Whether your home is cooled by a central air system or window units, your air conditioner works by pulling outside air into your home and cooling it while transferring warmer indoor air … Read Full Post »

Scorpions in Texas and What To Do If You Encounter One

Scorpions in Texas


Scorpions truly look like something out of a movie, but they’re actually a member of the arachnid species. You’ll immediately recognize them – they have the claws of a lobster and the tail of a pug that curls up over their backs. Their bodies are covered in a hard shell and the end of their curved tails are tipped with a stinger. And sting they do, but only when surprised.

Scorpions in Texas

About 1,500 known species of this predatory arachnid live across the world. More than 90 types live in this country alone. Texas is home to over a dozen different types of scorpions, with the most common being the striped bark scorpion or Centruroides vittatus. It’s a medium-sized, pale-colored scorpion, about two to three inches long. What sets it apart from the other scorpions are the two dark stripes across its back with a dark triangle on its head.

There’s no escaping … Read Full Post »

Termites in Trees: Is My Home At Risk?

Termites in Trees

Most homeowners have heard of termite infestations in the wooden structures of a home, such as floors, attics, support beams and the wood frames behind drywall. But did you realize termites in trees can also be a real problem, especially if termites make their way from trees on your property onto your home and other wooden structures?

Termites in Trees

Read on to find out about signs of termites in trees, including termite holes in trees’ trunks and branches, and learn what to do if trees on your property are home to a termite infestation.

Types of Termites

There are two main types of termites that can cause problems to people’s homes and other parts of their property: subterranean and drywood.

True to their name, drywood termites don’t require much moisture to survive, and thus can thrive within the drier woods found in hardwood floors, attic spaces or higher-up areas of a home. While … Read Full Post »

2017 Orlando Bucket List, Summer Edition

2017 Orlando Bucket List Summer

Temperatures are inching higher here in central Florida and you know what that means—it’s time for all manner of summer fun activities! Wondering about the top things to do this summer in Orlando, Florida? The Sunshine State is famous for its theme parks, as well as its extensive opportunities for outdoor fun, but Disney, swimming holes and great hiking spots are just the beginning of all that central Florida has to offer.

2017 Orlando Bucket List, Summer Edition

Our Summer Bucket List 2017 is below and don’t worry: This list of summer fun activities truly has something for everyone. Read on to find out all about the top things to do this summer in Orlando.

Water and Theme/Adventure Parks

Wekiwa Springs State Park is just a 20-minute drive north of Orlando and it’s well worth the trip. You’ll get a glimpse of gorgeous, unspoiled vistas that hint at just how central Florida appeared … Read Full Post »

2017 Houston Bucket List, Summer Edition

2017 houston bucket list summer

Temperatures are on the rise in Houston and so is the humidity. That means it’s time to start planning your 2017 Summer Bucket List! Looking for a handy list of the top things to do this summer in Houston, Texas? If so, read on for all sorts of summer fun activities, tips and ideas.

Top Things To Do This Summer In Houston

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor person, new to Houston or a longtime resident, on a budget or feeling flush, single, partnered or parenting…there’s something for everyone!

Museums and Galleries Galore

Houston is home to a thriving art gallery and museum scene, including Moody Gallery and Anya Tish Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Natural Science, and many more. The Museum District alone boasts 19 museums and many of them are free to enter. Enjoy the air conditioning and the educational exhibits and marvel at the beautiful winged … Read Full Post »

What Is a Mosquito Hawk?

What Is a Mosquito Hawk

Mosquito hawks, also known as crane flies, are often mistaken for huge, threatening mosquitoes—but they are not a type of mosquito at all. In fact, they aren’t even related to mosquitoes, despite the fact that they are rumored—incorrectly—to feed on mosquitoes and their larvae.

What Is A Mosquito Hawk?

What do these huge flying insects eat? Do mosquito hawks bite humans, the way mosquitoes do? And perhaps most importantly, how can you keep these insects out of your home and yard?

What Mosquito Hawks Aren’t

First, let’s clear up a couple of misconceptions about mosquito hawks. Crane flies are not the only insect species referred to by that name. Dragonflies are also sometimes called mosquito hawks since they actually do prey on mosquitoes (along with other small, flying insects) for food. Contrary to popular rumor, however, dragonflies aren’t an effective factor in mosquito control, as they don’t eat nearly enough of those bloodsucking pests … Read Full Post »