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Can You Add a Waterfall to an Existing Pool?

Can I add a waterfall to an existing pool


Your existing pool is a place where everyone goes to hang out. Just thinking about it makes you smile; you and your family have made quite a few good memories playing in or around it. And while the pool itself has been great, a little upgrade never hurt anyone. Adding a waterfall to a pool, for example, and other yard enhancements are a feasible addition that can really make your backyard stand out from the rest.

Can You Add a Waterfall to an Existing Pool?

The good news is it’s definitely doable. So if you’re willing to take on a backyard project, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Before you do, ask yourself: Is a waterfall the right decision for you and your home? There are many things to take into consideration when thinking about adding this feature to your pool.

Benefits Of A Waterfall

One of the more obvious benefits … Read Full Post »

How to Get Rid of Cicadas

How to Get Rid of Cicadas

Cicadas – those large, noisy bugs that sing all night long – have been found in literature since at least the time of Homer’s Iliad. They’ve been part of ancient folklore and music for centuries; in China, they symbolize rebirth and immortality.

How to Get Rid of Cicadas

All of this is fine and good, until cicada season hits and you’re kept up all night by the cicadas’ song, you find you are walking around in fear that you will be hit by a cicada falling out of a tree or when you have to circle the house to remove the exoskeletons which are stuck on your home’s exterior.

What are cicadas?

You probably know what a cicada is, even if you don’t know its name. Cicadas are large, winged bugs, with large eyes, short antennae and large wings. You will find cicadas on almost every continent, but most are found in hotter climates. … Read Full Post »

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

There’s nothing like having a pool in your backyard, especially during the dog days of summer. On a hot day, it’s so nice to get into your swimsuit and take a refreshing dip. But wait – there’s a snake in the pool. How did that get there? How do you get rid of it? How can you keep snakes out of your pool?

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Pool

When it comes to snakes, there are only two camps – you either tolerate them or you hate them and want them to just go away. But unfortunately for members of the latter camp, snakes are a fact of life in the Southwest. There are actually 76 species of snakes in Texas alone. Most are not poisonous, but you definitely don’t want to find one floating in your pool or jumping out at you or your family from around the edge … Read Full Post »

What Temperature to Set Your Thermostat in Summer

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Summer

If you live in an area with a warmer climate, your air conditioner works hard during the summer months. What is the best temperature to set your thermostat during the summer to prolong the life of your unit and keep your home comfortable while not spending too much on electricity? Let’s learn about some ways to keep your cool even when the temperature climbs.

What Temperature to Set Thermostat in Summer

If you find yourself blasting your home’s air conditioning during the summer, you’re not alone. The trick, though, is understanding summer thermostat settings. Read below for tips and tricks on controlling your thermostat during the hot months of summer.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the first things you should consider, if your home isn’t already equipped with one. That’s because a programmable thermostat can help you set different temperatures throughout the day without having to do so … Read Full Post »

Pool Plants To Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

pool plants

The second your family saw the pool, you knew that you were going to be buying the house. What better way to escape the heat of southern summers than a backyard pool? Your kids have gotten to swim and play and have fun for hours at a time without you having to chauffeur them around or waste time packing swim bags and inevitably forgetting something. But if you’re honest, there are some regrets. You kind of miss having a bigger backyard. A garden. Plants. Trees.

Pool Plants To Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Often, new pool owners make their backyard about the pool and little else. But while pools certainly require a lot of care and attention, you can have your lush, green yard and have a backyard oasis within it to swim in.

In fact, adding plants and shaping the landscape can turn the space into an absolute oasis—one that adds value to your … Read Full Post »

The Wolf Spider: What You Need To Know If You See One

Wolf Spider Texas

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife, there are almost 900 species of spiders found in Texas. Only two, however, are considered poisonous to humans: the black widow and the brown recluse spider. While there’s lots to learn about the danger associated with the two aforementioned spiders, there is another, more commonly seen spider in Texas you also may not know much about: the wolf spider.

The Wolf Spider: What You Need To Know if You See One

How likely are you to come across a wolf spider in Texas? An old saying is “you’re never more than five feet from a spider”. Although this has been disproved, the truth is that there are spiders all around us, and there are 238 species of wolf spiders in Texas alone.

The most notable characteristic about a wolf spider’s appearance is its unique eye arrangement. The front (or anterior) row is comprised of four small eyes … Read Full Post »

Save Money Using Smart Summer Thermostat Settings

Summer Thermostat Settings

When it’s blazing hot outside, the temptation to crank your air conditioner down to Arctic settings to make your home cool and comfortable is strong. What temperature to set your thermostat in summer depends a lot on your goals. Do you want to conserve energy, thereby saving money on your monthly electricity bills? Or do you prioritize personal comfort, regardless of cost? Either way, the smartest summer thermostat settings are probably a little higher than you think, for several good reasons.

Smart Summer Thermostat Settings

Average air conditioner temperature settings vary from season to season. Even within a given season, you might adjust your thermostat in response to days when the weather is hotter, cooler, or more or less humid than normal.

Regardless of those factors, when determining the best summer thermostat settings for our homes, many of us place a priority on both personal comfort and conserving energy (costs), and will … Read Full Post »

Why Are Earwigs Called Earwigs?

Why Are Earwigs Called Earwigs

Earwigs are small, flat insects that measure about half an inch long and an eighth of an inch in width when full-grown. Dark brown and shiny, they have banded abdomens that end in a long pair of scary-looking pinchers. If you’ve ever tried to pick up an earwig, you may have gotten pinched—but you also probably noticed those pinchers weren’t actually very powerful. An earwig’s pinch might make you yelp in surprise, but it probably won’t break the skin, and it almost always happens defensively—meaning, the earwig is frightened and trying to fight off a larger, scarier enemy (you!). So why are earwigs called earwigs, and are the rumors true—do earwigs crawl in your ear? Let’s find out more about this often misunderstood insect.

If you’ve ever tried to pick up an earwig, you may have gotten pinched—but you also probably noticed those pinchers weren’t actually very powerful. An earwig’s pinch … Read Full Post »

Chinch Bugs: What Homeowners Need to Know About This Common Lawn Pest

chinch bugs

Your lawn is full of all kinds of small insects, some which are beneficial, and some which are not. Chinch bugs are a common lawn pest that can do a lot of damage to your grass. Let’s learn more about chinch bugs, how to know you have them and how to get rid of them if they are in your yard.

Chinch Bugs: What Homeowners Need to Know

Southern chinch bugs are small and slender with white wings with distinctive black triangular marks. Nymphs will go through five phases. The color will change from red with a faint white band across the midsection to black with a white band. They are the top pests associated with St. Augustine grass, although they can also feed on other grass species, such as Zoysia and Bermuda grass.

Chinch bugs are inactive during the winter months, as they prefer warmer, … Read Full Post »

San Antonio Power Washing, Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning Services Now Available from ABC

Gutter Cleaning San Antonio

Looking for an easy way to freshen up your home’s exterior? Power washing can remove the pollen, dirt and grime from your driveway and walkways. Window washing can allow more light to enter your home. Cleaning out your gutters can remove unsightly leaves and debris which can harbor pests and lead to other damage.

San Antonio Power Washing, Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning Now Offered by ABC

ABC Home & Commercial Services has been making life easier for Texas homeowners for over 60 years. As a part of the company’s continuing commitment to providing high-quality and reliable home services, owner Bobby Jenkins announced that ABC will now provide power washing, window washing and gutter cleaning services in the greater San Antonio area.

“We are grateful to our loyal customers for allowing us to expand ABC’s service offerings in San Antonio,” Jenkins noted. “Homeowners can count on the background-checked, highly-trained staff to … Read Full Post »