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Where Do Silverfish Come From?

where do silverfish come from

There’s just something about silverfish that make people’s skin crawl. It could be the animal’s prehistoric appearance, with segmented bodies and long legs and antennae. Or maybe it’s the fact that they tend to show up inside our favorite books or on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night. Whatever it is, for some people these small insects are the stuff of nightmares.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what these little creatures are, where silverfish come from and how to get rid of them safely.

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) are small, wingless insects. These creatures typically live for two to eight years, and they get their name from their silvery color and the way the wiggle like a fish out of water. They have long antennae and generally don’t get bigger than ¾ of an inch long.

Do Silverfish Bite?

Surprisingly, despite their over-the-top creepy … Read Full Post »

Fleas Driving You Crazy? Try These Natural Flea Killers

Natural flea killer

In warm climates, fleas are a year-round problem. Even as autumn comes upon us with cooler temperatures, fleas will hold on until the first frost, and if they’re comfortable inside our homes, they might never leave.

What’s worse, fleas are difficult to control. To get rid of them for good, you’ll need to treat your pets as well as your house and your yard. You’ll need to adopt an approach which allows you to kill both adult fleas and their eggs, preventing them from returning.

Natural Flea Killers

There are some ways you can tackle a flea infestation without resorting to dangerous chemicals. Let’s take a closer look at how fleas can become a problem, how you can make your own natural flea killer, and how you can get rid of these pests, once and for all.

Why Are Fleas Such a Problem?

Fleas are small insects that live on mammals, including dogs, cats, and … Read Full Post »

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Moths

best way to get rid of moths

Moths can be a mystery to homeowners. To determine the best way to get rid of moths, you’ll need to learn how to identify the types of moths and eggs you might be seeing in your home, how to prevent these bothersome insects from damaging your home, and how to treat your home to get rid of these common household pests.

Where Do Moths Come From?

Moths generally make their way into your home in product packaging you bring home from a store or warehouse. Some moths may hatch over time in items which you have stored for an extended period of time, like birdseed. Usually, an infestation in your closet can be traced back to a single article of clothing (so wash that sweater from the thrift store before you put it in your closet!)

Identifying and Treating Pantry Moths and Larvae

Some common moths you may have in your home are pantry … Read Full Post »

What Are German Roaches?

What is a German roach

What is a German Roach?  

There’s no good time to find a cockroach running across your kitchen floor. Unfortunately, though, most homeowners have encountered such a sight more than once. And with more than 3,500 species worldwide and 55 species in the United States, a scurrying cockroach is a common household occurrence.

Cockroaches are incredibly adaptable and have adjusted to the earth’s changes for more than 300 million years; their diet, size, and ability to reproduce quickly and in large numbers enables the species to endure the test of time.

The two most common species found in homes throughout the United States are the German cockroach and the American cockroach. What are German roaches, exactly? Where do German roaches come from? More importantly, how can you tell which kind of roach may be inside your home?

What They Look Like  

Appearance is one of the easiest ways to identify the type of cockroach that … Read Full Post »

Termite Research: The Next Frontier of Science

termite droppings

The word “termite” is not generally one that comes to mind when thinking about species that have a positive impact on our environment. Termites can become the bane of our existence – invading our homes and destroying our property. They can cause property value loss and force you to invest time and effort trying to rid our homes of their presence.

But have you ever stopped to think about the overall environmental impact of termites? Is there any way they could ever be a positive inspiration?

Researchers at various universities are starting to learn how termites and their respective digestive systems work, and how we might put that knowledge to use to create cleaner energy in the future.

Breaking it down

Termite intestinal tracts contain many different enzymes that enable termites to break down wood, a very dense biomass, into food. Researchers from the US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute, CalTech, and the … Read Full Post »

Embracing New Technology: Pay For Services Without Picking Up The Phone

Austin is a city that has always embraced technology. With industry giants like Apple, Dell, and IBM in town, it is easy to understand why talented people want to live and build their lives in Austin. Austinites also have emerging expectations for business in the city, including ABC Home & Commercial Services.

Our number one priority is appeasing the needs of our customers. That’s why we have adopted new and better ways of doing business to match new and better expectations.

Introducing ABC’s New Online Appointment Scheduling & Payment System

We have heard you loud and clear. Getting on the phone can be tiresome and inconvenient. And when you’re dealing with something pressing like a pest problem, you may be feeling a little impatient.

We built our new online appointment scheduling system to make your life just a little bit easier. And we also know that this is what consumers expect to see in … Read Full Post »

The Importance of Eliminating Stagnant Water

We knew it was coming.

Pesky summer mosquitoes have Houston and Harris County homeowners running for cover this summer. The late spring floods didn’t help the already growing problems we face every summer.

It’s easy to understand why it’s so important to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. In addition to their itchy bites, these tiny winged vampires can cause serious diseases such as West Nile virus, Dengue fever, and now Zika. As of July 21, 2016, Texas has seen 69 reported cases of Zika. Sadly, one of those cases was an infant who contracted the virus before birth. ABC has spent the first half of 2016 keeping our customers, friends, and the community updated on Zika Virus. You can rest assured we will continue to do so until this problem has been contained.

Mosquitoes are a year-round consideration.

When the weather gets colder, many people breathe a sigh of relief and forget all about these … Read Full Post »

Mosquitoes: Facts vs. Fiction [INFOGRAPHIC]

tiger mosquitoes carry zika virus in south america

5 Facts and Myths About Mosquitoes

Did you know that only the female mosquito bites and sucks human blood? The male mosquito feeds off of nectar, while the female is the culprit of many an itchy summer evening in hot San Antonio. She feeds off your blood to nourish her maturing eggs prior to laying them.

There are a lot of myths about mosquitoes. Some myths are harmless, while other misconceptions are truly unhelpful and sometimes counterproductive. The biggest myths are those revolving around whether or not diseases are spread by mosquitoes in the US. A hint: wear repellent. One fact we know for sure is that prevention with professional mosquito abatement is the best protection against these pesky summertime pests.

How well do you know mosquitoes?

Test your mosquito wisdom against these 5 common facts and myths.

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Keeping Pests Away from Your Outdoor Parties

Zika is spread by tiger mosquitoes

Orlando residents reluctantly face an annual event: The Battle of the Backyard.

The battle pits people against mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other outdoor creepy-crawlies in an epic confrontation for land usage. Despite exhaustive research, we have found nary a trace of evidence suggesting pests recognize white flags of truce; additionally, peaceful negotiation attempts with mosquitoes over backyard rights have never reached a satisfactory conclusion. Pest control measures keep the critters out of your house, but what can you do when you invade the bugs’ turf?

Mosquito Dangers

For years Florida residents have known the dangers of West Nile virus and Dengue. Other diseases, like malaria, are not so much of a threat but are still well-known to be spread by mosquitoes. Now, we have a new danger: Zika Virus.

As of July 13, 2016, there have been 293 reported cases of Zika in the whole state. Boward, Miami-dade, and Orange counties have the highest … Read Full Post »

How to Attract Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

butterfly garden

For many, the idea of attracting bugs is appalling. However, the reality is that there are many bugs that are beneficial for your garden. If you have an aphid problem, a well-placed mantis or a host of ladybugs can clean that right up for you. Butterflies add attractive whimsy to the garden. Spiders may give you the creepy-crawlies, but they can seek out and destroy other much dirtier bugs mucking up the place. Better yet, these bugs don’t chomp away at your hard-earned work — they leave you with a lush and beautiful garden to enjoy at the cost of a few tiny friends.

Know Your Friends

What makes a bug beneficial in the first place? Beneficial bugs are defined by their capacity to wreak havoc on other invasive bugs. Some, like spiders or parasitic cutworms, are predators to the bad insects. Your little army might be a one-time D-Day or they … Read Full Post »