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What is an Insulation R-Value?

an attic insulation

Many homeowners don’t realize how essential insulation is to their homes. It keeps hot air from entering or leaving, ensuring the temperature inside stays consistent. With poor insulation, you never know when a draft is about to surprise you.

But insulation does more than keep you warm and toasty. Your wallet will thank you because it can help improve energy efficiency and lower utility bills. It can even control indoor moisture and help keep mildew at bay.

If you are just learning about insulation and R-values, here’s everything you need to know to select the best insulation for your home. You can also contact an insulation specialist for help.

What Is an Insulation R-Value and How Does It Work?

The R-value represents an insulation material’s resistance to heat flow per inch of thickness. The higher the R-value, the better the material is at insulating. R-values can be as low as R-10, typical of flooring … Read Full Post »