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How To Winterize Your Pool

How to winterize your pool

Pools can add value to your property, give you an excuse to have people over and provide you with a fun way to spend time with family and friends without having to leave home. When winter comes, however, you’ll need to take steps to make sure your swimming pool can handle the cold weather. If you don’t take proper precautions, even a light freeze can damage a pool. Furthermore, allowing a pool to go unused for several months without proper winterizing can lead to algae or bacterial growth and other unwanted consequences.

How To Winterize Your Pool

Below we’ll look at the basic steps to winterizing your pool. A little attention before winter comes will ensure you and your family can start swimming as soon as warm weather returns.

Clean the Pool

The first thing you will need to do is clean the pool thoroughly. Clean mildew, algae and other gunk around the rim … Read Full Post »

Pro Pool Tips for your Summer Vacation

follow these pro pool safety for summer in texas

School is out for summer, and we’re ready for a vacation!

Like most families, you’ve probably planned some sort of pool-related fun for the summer. Or maybe you’ve planned an all-out trip to the beach. Either way, we have put together a list of pro-tips for the pool that we’d love to share with our ABC family blog readers. These eight safety measures will ensure that your summer vacation isn’t disturbed by any scraped knees, sunburns, or worse.

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Open Your Pool: The 10-step Checklist

Sit back. Relax. It’s summertime!

Every May, thousands of Houston families open their backyard swimming pools for the summer season. Opening a pool isn’t as simple as pulling off the cover and jumping in.

We have put together a checklist for our ABC family insiders.


Are they operable?
Are any of them making a loud noise?
Are they priming ok?
Are there any leaks?
Are the pump baskets intact?


Is it operable?
Is it making a loud noise?
Are there any leaks?


Check filter pressure. Your filter may need to be back washed or have the internal assemblies cleaned or replaced.
If your filter has a push/pull valve or multiport valve, do they operate smoothly?
Are there any leaks?


Is it operable?
Inspect tires, wheel bearings, debris bags, etc.


Are skimmer baskets and skimmer covers intact?
Are there any cracks … Read Full Post »

How to Child-Proof Your Swimming Pool

pool safety tips

Having a pool at your home can provide endless entertainment for your family, but there’s also the ever-present danger of injury and drowning, especially for young children. The privilege of a beautiful swimming pool comes with the responsibility of protecting those around you from harm. Adopt these pool safety practices below to ensure the well-being of swimmers of any age.

Follow these steps to keep swimmers safe while they are in the pool:

  • Maintain adult supervision of children in the swimming pool at all times.
  • Store a first aid kit in proximity to the pool for the treatment of minor injuries.
  • Keep life preservers, kickboards, rope, and a pole in the general vicinity of the pool for easy access.
  • Learn CPR, and encourage all adult members of your house to become certified as well. The city of Austin provides training in CPR to residents. Learn more.
  • Create a list of pool safety rules, communicate them to … Read Full Post »

What To Pack For Your Trip to the Swimming Pool

what to bring to the pool

We’re inching closer to Memorial Day weekend, and pool season is upon us – once the rains subside! Many of us have already been to a swimming pool in between the rain showers, or are ready to visit the public pool once the summer heat hits in earnest. We have a wide variety of neighborhood and municipal pools to choose from here in Austin – don’t forget to check the City of Austin’s website for a massive list of pools and splash pads to plan your trip.

What to Bring to The Pool

Before heading out to take a dip, take a look at our list of what to bring to the pool below. You may not need all of these items, but there are bound to be a few you might want that you didn’t consider bringing.

Standard issue: for a trip to a public pool (or any pool for that matter) … Read Full Post »

San Antonio’s Coolest Pools

Coolest Pools in San Antonio

It’s already April, and summer is quickly approaching! With cooler temperatures and regular rain showers, it’s hard to fathom the sweltering summer months ahead. Prepare yourself by learning about the best public swimming pools available to San Antonio residents. The city also boasts many beautiful hotel pools, making it easy to get away and cool down.

For the most current opening and closing dates, fees, hours, and locations check the City of San Antonio’s Parks & Recreation website.


San Pedro Springs Pool, located in the park of the same name, near the intersection of North Flores Street and West Ashby Place. Its claim to fame is its status as the second oldest park in the United States. The land it rests on was designated for public use by the Spanish government, back in the 1700’s. The pool is built on top of the San Pedro Spring, and is full of spring-fed water. … Read Full Post »

The Coolest Pools in Austin, TX

Spring is upon us! With such pleasant weather, it’s hard to imagine the sweltering temperatures heading our way in the next several months. Get prepared for the heat ahead of time by scoping out the best public pools Austin has to offer. Austin also has some beautiful hotel pools as well, for those times when you just need an escape, in or out of town.

For the most current opening and closing dates, fees, hours, and locations check the City of Austin’s website.

North: Northwest Hills, Allendale, Shoal Creek

Beverly S. Sheffield Northwest Municipal Pool is located in the park of the same name, near the intersection of Burnet Road and Greenlawn Parkway. It is a large pool with lanes for lap swimming, a more shallow open swimming area, and a wading pool for the little ones. There are shaded picnic tables in the pool area, as well as a playground, picnic tables … Read Full Post »

It’s Only a Swimming Pool. What Could Go Wrong?

Summer’s over, and for many Houston homeowners that means one thing: It’s time to close down the old swimming hole. Off-season pool maintenance is an annual chore, and doing it right can be trickier than you think. Don’t make these common mistakes with your pool.

Failing to Clean It One Last Time

We know, we know: Those summer cleanings were bad enough. What would it hurt to leave a few sticks and dirt clods over the winter?

You’d be surprised. Organic matter can quickly decay and foul the water. Worse, on warmer winter days, any algae remaining behind will multiply exponentially. It’s up to you to prevent this, so get outside and:

• Turn on the filtration system
• Scoop out the bugs and fallen leaves
• Vacuum the bottom and brush down the sides to remove any stubborn algae. Stop often to clean out the skimmer basket
• Backwash the filter to get rid of any … Read Full Post »

Cloudy Pool Water Woes

It’s finally summer, so you, your family, and all the kids in the neighborhood want to use your pool. But if you’ve been neglecting it all winter, it might need a little bit of a tune-up before anyone will want to jump in. But if you’ve already spent hours with the skimmer and the water’s still cloudy, we’ve got you covered.

Cloudy water is generally caused by three things: chemical imbalances, algae or particles. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to figure out what the problem is. The bad news is that you might have to spend a few days mucking around with pool chemicals and cleaning. But first let’s talk about how to diagnose your problem.

You do have a water testing kit, right? Go ahead and dust it off. If you’ve never looked at it before, figure out what it tests for. Even the most basic tests should … Read Full Post »

How to Create an Epic Pool in Your Own Backyard

If you own a backyard pool, you may have the typical oasis that many of your neighbors also have. Wouldn’t you prefer to flaunt the same kind of spectacular pool that famous hotels and resorts feature? You may not be able to match the extravagance of a five-star accommodation, but you can apply some similar design ideas and create an aquatic masterpiece in your own yard.

By pulling specific qualities from elaborate designs, you can customize your pool to give it epic appeal. Remodeling a pool may be as simple as adding some landscaping, or it can be a marathon renovation. The initial idea of a pool overhaul may seem overwhelming, but imagine diving into your new luxurious splash zone as a reward for your efforts.

Before you take the sledgehammer or ax to your backyard, consider what you can do to avoid total annihilation. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Landscaping … Read Full Post »