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This DIY Home Inspection Checklist Can Help Protect Your Investment

Home inspection checklist

Many of you remember the home inspection from when you purchased your home. The specialist you or your real estate agent hired reviewed and assessed your prospective home from foundation to roof, looking carefully for items which might require repairs or a significant investment to correct.

If you have lived in your home for some time, chances are that you haven’t looked at your inspection report for years, nor have you taken a look at your home with an inspector’s eye.

Have you heard of a DIY Home Inspection? Like it sounds, you as the homeowner can use our house inspection tips as a way to make sure you are taking care of your biggest investment. Click here to download a printable checklist.

DIY Home Inspection Checklist

Once you have printed out your checklist, you’ll want to gather some basic tools to help you assess your home.

Items Required

For this DIY home inspection, you’ll want … Read Full Post »

Refresh Your Home With New Decor

refresh your home

Many of us spend so much time out of the house that it can be easy to forget to update our home decor. Do you look around your home and notice things are looking a little shabby? Is your house in need of a little TLC?

If your home’s interior could use a little updating, you don’t necessarily need to call an interior decorator. There are little things you can do, such as tossing or refurbishing worn-out furniture, lighting, and other decor, and bringing in new items, which can easily refresh your home.

Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Decor

Check out all of our ideas that can help freshen up the look of your house without breaking the bank.

Switch Out Lighting and Candles

Nothing says last season like melted candles. Banish all of your old candles to your pantry or emergency supplies tub. Get new accent candles for every room … Read Full Post »

Liven Up Your Home With Winter Decorations

winter decorations

Want to bring a little taste of winter inside without overwhelming your house with traditional Christmas decorations? Or perhaps you’re searching for some seasonally-appropriate decor once your presents are unwrapped and your tree is put away. Look no further – we have lots of ideas for winter decorations for you to try!

Decorate with Nature

If you are looking for winter decorating ideas, natural accents are the way to go. You might consider adding a few of the following elements to your home:

  • Choose boughs of evergreens like pine and fir to decorate your dining room table and fireplace.
  • Pinecones, with or without a dusting of artificial snow, are great around candles or as part of a centerpiece.
  • Try a glass bowl filled with acorns (caps still included, of course).
  • For extra pizazz and staying power, use silver or gold spray paint on large dried … Read Full Post »