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Refresh Your Home With New Decor

refresh your home

Many of us spend so much time out of the house that it can be easy to forget to update our home decor. Do you look around your home and notice things are looking a little shabby? Is your house in need of a little TLC?

If your home’s interior could use a little updating, you don’t necessarily need to call an interior decorator. There are little things you can do, such as tossing or refurbishing worn-out furniture, lighting, and other decor, and bringing in new items, which can easily refresh your home.

Easy Ways to Update Your Home’s Decor

Check out all of our ideas that can help freshen up the look of your house without breaking the bank.

Switch Out Lighting and Candles

Nothing says last season like melted candles. Banish all of your old candles to your pantry or emergency supplies tub. Get new accent candles for every room in your house, and while you’re at it, maybe replace the scorched votive holders with something new and sparkly.

One new addition we are seeing in more and more homes are Himalayan salt candle holders. Carved literally out of pink salt, these votive and tealight holders are inexpensive and help purify the air, while adding a romantic glow to any room. A row of them across your mantle or on your bar can make a statement.

When you are thinking about how to freshen up your home’s look, don’t forget your lamps. Replace burned-out bulbs, or maybe switch out the ugly CFL bulbs for new LED lights that burn cooler and last even longer. Replace dingy or dirty lampshades with a new pattern or a more updated look. Consider investing in a new accent lamp for the living room, or a different ceiling light fixture for the kitchen or bath.

Add a Bit of New Color and Texture

Introducing a few new textures and colors can dramatically change a room.

Painting your house can be a huge chore and a significant expense. Instead of painting an entire room, try an accent wall in a contrasting color, or perhaps paint an interior door with a good-quality high gloss enamel. Maybe even try wallpaper or fabric on a single wall or in an alcove. These little touches will make a room pop and become alive.

If painting isn’t your thing, or you rent your home, try adding a new piece of artwork to your wall, or a mirror with a beautiful frame. Take down the utilitarian curtains that have been there forever and replace them with vertical blinds or sheers. If you’ve always had boring Venetian blinds, you could consider pulling them out and trying dramatic floor-length curtains instead.

Try adding a new rug at the foot of your bed, and replace the clutter on your dresser with a beautiful scarf and a romantic vase of flowers. Something as simple as bright new throw pillows on the sofa or bed can make everything seem new and exciting.

Don’t forget the bathroom. All it takes is a different shower curtain and floor mat, and suddenly, it’s a brand new space.

Reuse and Revitalize

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out your local garage sales and thrift stores for bargains on light fixtures, furniture, and other home decor. You can often find one-of-a-kind accent pieces, side tables, or artwork that didn’t work with someone else’s new furniture, but would be perfect for your own. Often a new coat of paint, a new lamp shade, or a reupholstered cushion can turn someone else’s trash into your newest treasure.

Jazz Up a Space with Storage

Consider a new piece of furniture to spark new life in a room, and add additional storage at the same time.

A new sideboard or cabinet for your dining room can allow you to display your beautiful china or knickknacks, or give you a new place for your linens. A new wall unit for your TV can liven up a room while giving you plenty of storage space for DVDs, streaming devices, and game consoles.

Add a new nightstand to your bedroom with a shelf for your late-night reading, or a new raised bed frame to increase your under-bed storage. Instead of a coffee table, you might consider an ottoman near in your living room to store those blankets. Putting items out of sight will make your rooms feel bigger and can make your living spaces seem less cluttered.

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