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My pool is back in shape today, thanks in a large part to Lucas and Ryan. I appreciate all your help in getting us back into blue waters!!  ABC is a company that I can always trust!

- Cynthia S., October 2017
What pool services does ABC provide?

ABC can help pool and hot tub owners with any issue you might be having, along with taking care of routine maintenance.

Pool Service Austin

Our pool specialists routinely provide the following pool services in the greater Austin area:

Pool Cleaning

The most daunting task associated with maintaining a pool is keeping the water crystal clear. As a part of our pool cleaning services, ABC’s pool specialists will brush, vacuum and skim your pool to remove dirt and other types of debris. We’ll also make any needed adjustments to keep your pool’s chemicals in balance.

Pool Repair

Whether you have a clogged pump, leaky skimmer, broken heater or any other type of problem with your hot tub or pool, chances are that something goes wrong just when you don’t have the time to resolve the issue. Although we have so much information at our fingertips for these types of DIY repairs, ABC’s licensed specialists can get the job done right in a fraction of the time it will take you to learn how.

Pool Maintenance

As with most of the larger ticket items we have in our homes, investing in routine maintenance can help identify and correct and potential issues before they turn into big—and costly—headaches. ABC’s pool experts can come monthly or once a season to inspect your filters, skimmers, drains, ladders and other pool or hot tub components to ensure everything is in working order. We’ll also perform the regular duties of our pool cleaning technicians, you’ll come home to a pool that’s been brushed, skimmed and vacuumed. We’ll also make sure your pool is balanced so that all the chemicals in your pool are at manufacturer-recommended levels.

Pool Remodeling

Pools are a significant ongoing investment, and can often become the centerpiece of our backyards and a gathering spot for friends and family. Many pool owners get to a point when they realize that their pool could use some updating, or they decide to make some changes when repairs are needed. In other cases, new homebuyers decide to renovate their pool to better match their style. Whatever the reason, ABC's experts can advise you on any size pool remodel so that you can make the most of your haven for relaxation and fun.

Does ABC service salt water pools?

Yes! Many Austin-area homeowners have salt water pool systems or are considering making the switch. Our pool specialists can advise you on the benefits of a saltwater pool, as well as the process to convert your pool to salt water. ABC can convert your pool to salt water and provide any cleaning and repair services once you have a saltwater pool. We can then perform routine maintenance so that you have more free time to enjoy your pool.

Do I need to be at home while you are working on my pool?

If you sign up for regular pool cleaning, after an initial visit so you can give us a brief overview of your pool and its parts, we can return when you are not at home, provided that you give us instructions on how to access your pool area. In the case of repairs or maintenance, we prefer to have the chance to meet with the pool owner in person so that we can more easily review recommended next steps and quickly get your pool up and running again.

How often will you clean my pool?

We are happy to work with our pool customers to create a schedule that works for you for your pool cleaning. The factors which influence how often we recommend a pool be cleaned include what type of pool you have, what time of year it is and how often you use your pool.

Why is my pool water green?

One of the most common questions we hear from pool owners is why pool water can sometimes turn to a greenish color. A few reasons why your pool water may have morphed from crystal clear are filter build-up, chemical imbalance and problems with your pump. The main ways to fix this problem are to add sanitizers, perform a shock treatment and add algaecide.

How often should I be testing my pool’s chemical levels?

Keeping your pool chemically balanced is the primary way to keep your pool safe for your swimmers. For residential pools, we recommend checking your pH and other chemical levels at least two times a week.

How long should I wait after chemicals are added to use my pool?

Your pool will be safe to swim in once chemicals have been circulated throughout the water. Within the pool industry, there is agreement that all the water in the pool needs to pass through your filter once in order for chemicals to be completely distributed throughout the water. For residential pools, this generally happens between  8 and 12 hours, which is why many chemical adjustments are made at night. By doing so, your pool will be ready to swim in the following day.

Why should I choose ABC for pool services?

Our pool customers tell us they choose ABC for some of the same reasons they use our company for other home services. First and foremost, our specialists receive extensive in-house training so they have a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind a pool’s operation and the ideal chemical components of the water. In addition, ABC is a certified pool and spa operator. This means that our employees receive specialized training in industry best practices and safety considerations. ABC conducts regular background checks and drug testing so you can feel safe having our specialists on your property. Last, but certainly not least, our specialists treat your pool as they would their own.

CPO Certified Pool Spa Operator PHTPA

What surrounding cities does ABC serve?


ABC Home & Commercial also provides pool & spa services in:

  • Bee Cave

  • Brushy Creek

  • Buda

  • Cedar Park

  • Georgetown

  • Hutto

  • Lakeway

  • Leander

  • Manor

  • Pflugerville

  • Rollingwood/West Lake Hills

  • Round Rock

  • Shady Hollow

  • Smithville

  • Sunset Valley