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Shepp came on Wednesday to determine what the problem is with our fluorescent kitchen fixture. He is one of the nicest service people I've ever met...congenial, knowledgeable and energetic. ABC is lucky to employ someone like him.

- Christine S., August 2019
Why do I need panel upgrade?

There are a couple of reasons to upgrade your electric panel. Electric panels channel incoming electricity from the meter and distribute it to the circuits in your home. On occasion, panels can develop issues with properly distributing the power resources, and in those cases would need to be replaced.

More commonly though, it has to do with having an older home.  Electric panels come in a range of capacities: 100, 150, 200, or 400 amps. All homes require a minimum amperage, and your electric panel must support that minimum. If your home is older and has an older, lower power panel, it may not be able to power all of today's modern electrical equipment and appliances. 

So, if your home needs to be able to handle 200 amps but only has a panel rated to 100, it would need an upgrade to handle the additional power requirements.

How does the process installing a new panel work?

Installing a new electric panel is not a do-it-yourself type of job.

Our fully trained and licensed electricians will perform a free inspection to see what will be necessary for the install and then perform the install with the proper equipment and specifications. We guarantee our service, so you can rest easy knowing that our licensed electricians will get the job done right the first time, or come back free of charge to fix any issues that may arise.

How soon can I have a new panel installed?

We are always available to schedule an inspection or appointment to assess your particular needs.  From there, the work can normally be scheduled in a matter of days.

Are your electricians licensed?

Absolutely!  All of our electricians (and all ABC employees) will be licensed and certified to perform the necessary work. 

Additionally, they work under the supervision of a Master Electrician and will know and understand all municipal code requirements.  We strongly recommend you ask anyone that performs electrical work for you this question and only work with companies and individuals that can answer yes, and show you their license upon request.

What does it mean to have an ABC Electrical specialist service my property?

In the service industry, trust is what it's all about. That's why our ABC team members undergo a drug screening and criminal history check prior to doing service work at your home. We want you to feel confident about who's doing the work for you. Our experienced and friendly team members also hold all required licenses to perform your service work.

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