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I wanted to say that I always get great service from Fidencio when he treats my house. His service is one of the reasons I use ABC and recommend your service to others.

- Paul S., March 2017
Having concerns about the recently highly reported Zika Virus?

The news of Zika virus, a disease causing pathogen spread to humans through mosquito bites, being found in the U.S. has been alarming people everywhere, and human cases have been confirmed in the state of Texas. That's why The Blood Center of Central Texas and ABC Home & Commercial Services have teamed up (with Central Texans everywhere) to prevent mosquito borne cases of the Zika virus in Central Texas with a joint Public Service campaign called Bite Back!

While information about Zika is rapidly evolving with many unknowns, we do know that any local cases of active mosquito borne transmission of Zika could potentially threaten the safety and sufficiency of the community’s blood supply. Central Texas has had its own local blood supply since 1951 when The Blood Center of Central Texas first opened its doors. The blood supply is a precious local resource that supports and binds our 10 county community together.

There is no substitute for human blood, and it takes around 200 donors every day to meet the transfusion needs of local patients. The health of our local blood supply is dependent on the health of our community. Therefore our best bet to keep all Central Texans (and their blood supply) safe this season is PREVENTION of mosquito borne Zika virus cases.

Bite Back

This mosquito season, remember:

1. Wear mosquito repellent.

2. Wear long sleeves & pants.

3. Get rid of any standing water.

To learn more about the Zika Virus, its transmission, the possibility of an outbreak, prevention tips and more, please click here to visit this resource from the National Pest Management Association.

For information specifically about pregnancy and the Zika Virus, please click here to visit this resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And remember that an ABC Pest Specialist is just a quick phone call or click away and will work tirelessly to help keep your home and family safe from mosquitoes!

Are mosquitoes just an inevitable part of daily life in Austin?

Spend more than five minutes outdoors in Austin and you’ll notice there is no shortage of mosquitoes. They will bite you at your favorite outdoor music venue or during a bike around the greenbelt.

If mosquitoes are a problem at home, ABC Home & Commercial Services—Austin has a couple of options for you to reduce the number of mosquitoes in and around your home and yard.

Can I take mosquito control into my own hands?

Austin citizens have an independent mindset, and that shows when it comes to mosquito control. You may have gone electronic and tried bug zappers or ultrasonic repelling devices. You may have tried citronella candles or one of the many sprays available. But mosquitoes are tenacious, and they have experience from thousands of years of evolution to know how to hide and breed in unexpected places. They will fly up to ten miles to breed and a single female can easily lay 500 eggs.

When you want to get mosquitoes under control, we are ready to help.

What approach does ABC take for mosquito control, and how does it work?

We have a two main solutions, and we can use them in combination to get the right result for you. For direct contact, we use a misting system that we place strategically around the perimeter of your home, such as in landscaped areas and along fences. The system consists of clear or black nylon tubing and precision nozzles made of stainless steel and brass that deliver the right amount of product at the right time - usually early morning and late afternoon. You can also activate the mist manually with a remote control - like a car remote. 

Another option is our backpack misting service that quickly and effectively reduces the number of mosquitoes in your landscape. We spray treat all the areas of your yard and depending on weather conditions after treatment, the treatment can remain effective against mosquitoes for approximately 4 weeks. For example: a 5000 square foot lawn can be treated for between $60 - $95 (depending on foliage and landscape details). We will be happy to provide an evaluation and estimate for your particular mosquito situation.


What qualifications do ABC's service specialists have?

You can rest easy with ABC's friendly and experienced service team at your home. Not only do all employees undergo a thorough criminal history check and drug screening, but ABC carries all required licenses and certifications for services.

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Is there a proper way to apply mosquito and insect repellent?

With the temperate (and sometimes downright hot) Central Texas weather, outdoor activities are prevalent in and around Austin. When you're out and about for a picnic, camping, or even just hanging out in your backyard, make sure you're properly applying insect repellent on yourself and your loved ones to ward off disease-carrying mosquitoes and other pests. This video from's Pest TV will help you learn the proper technique for applying insect repellent.

How To Apply Insect Repellent