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Thank you very much for the excellent service you've always provided me and my home. I know I can rely on your company to do a great thorough job

- Isela H., July 2017
How do you determine an estimate for painting?

There are several factors in determining the pricing for a painting project. One thing is the size of the area to be painted. More walls take more time and paint, and thus costs more.  Anthother can be homes that are multi-story, requiring bigger ladders, scaffolding, etc.

We also determine the labor involved, whether we’ll need to bring in specialized equipment, or if there are other unique challenges. 

We pride ourselves on working with our customers, until they're completely satisfied. We will work with your budget to get you the best results possible.

Can you paint inside and outside?

Yes! We do interior paint jobs as well as exterior. 

What is your painting process?

Interior Painting

We will first clean the rooms as needed and move furniture and other belongings to the center, covering them to keep them paint-free. Then we mask and tape floors and other surfaces with plastic to keep them paint free, and place drop cloths to prevent drips. 

Once the non-painted areas are covered, we’ll prep the surfaces to be painted. First we fill and caulk holes, sand flaws, and finally prime the surface for painting. Then we will carefully and precisely coat your walls with your chosen paint. Once we have coated everything, we will carefully clean up the site, and put your rooms back in order.

Exterior Painting

We start by covering any plants, sidewalks, or outdoor decorations that may be at risk for paint drips. Then we prime the surfaces using the appropriate primer for the existing coat of paint (whether it is oil or water based). Then we paint, careful to pay attention to details such as trim, doors, and windows. Finally, we remove our coverings, and any debris we may have generated.

Now you can revel in how good your home looks with its fresh coat of paint.

Will you clean up afterwards?

We treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own, and we will always clean up after ourselves when a job is completed.

What brands of paint do you use?

We commonly use Sherwin Williams, but if you have a preferred brand or manufacturer, our experts will work with you to get you the best results with your preferred paint.

Are ABC employees qualified in any work for work on my property?

You can feel good about ABC's team on your property. All employees undergo a criminal history check and drug screening and carry licenses for any service it's required for. Rest easy, and leave the work to our experienced, trained, and friendly service team.

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