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When is it time to replace my air conditioning system?

Commonly, the time to purchase a new system is when the age of the components and costs of needed repairs make it a prudent decision to purchase a new system, instead of having costly repairs performed on old unit. Purchasing a new air conditioning system is not usually something homeowners look forward to.  With that in mind, we strive to make the process as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of a new AC and heating system?

Like many technologies, new versions of AC and heating systems are generally improvements over older versions. On average, a new AC system will be twice as energy efficient as the comparable older system, and reducing your home’s energy consumption footprint is a key part in reducing the burden we place on the environment. In addition, although each homeowner will see different results based on their unique usage patterns and home structure, our customers commonly see savings of 30% to 50% of air conditioning costs when they upgrade their home to a new AC and heating system.


How does the replacement process work?

We’ll send out an HVAC Comfort Advisor who will make replacement recommendations based on your home’s specific needs. Your desire for comfort, energy efficiency, as well as the design of your home is taken into consideration when determining which system is ideal for your home. This is done at no charge and with no obligation.

We’ll also take factors such as weatherization and ductwork into account.  Our Comfort Advisor will make all of these recommendations and options in writing after discussing your home comfort needs with you and your family. 

A Quality Assurance tune up is conducted a few weeks after the installation to make sure you understand how to fully operate your system and ensure everything is functioning properly.

Are there signs that my system may need replacement?
  • The outside unit is more than 10 years old
  • The inside unit is more than 15 years old
  • The system needs frequent repairs
  • Your utility costs keep rising
  • Certain rooms are hotter/colder than others
  • The system is just louder or home more humid than you would like


What kind of warranties do new systems come with?

Warranties vary, but all equipment comes with a manufacturer's warranty and extended warranty contracts are also available at minimal expense. See our "Warranties and Guarantees" page for more information

What HVAC manufacturers do you recommend?

We install products from Lennox, a trusted name in the business. In addition to reliability and quality, Lennox offers the latest in technological innovation, highly energy-efficient products and convenience & comfort options.


What qualifications do ABC specialists have for working on my property?

You can feel good about ABC's team on your property. Not only do all employees undergo a criminal history check and drug screening, but with any service that requires licensure for work for to be performed, you can bet that ABC is on top of it and completely certified. Rest easy, and leave the work to our experienced, trained, and friendly service team.

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