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Mike Hansen is absolutely a fantastic man & he made a hard job seem easy all by himself. I'm so glad I called ABC & that he was the person you all sent

- Jean M, January 2016
My garbage disposal isn't working or is leaking. Does ABC work on disposals?

Yes, ABC works on all brands of disposals. Often, the expense of repairing a disposal exceeds the cost to replace it with a brand new one. When our licensed plumber arrives, he’ll be able to diagnose the problem and recommend repairs or replacement of the unit. We stock our trucks with a variety of parts and supplies, including new disposals. The replacement, if necessary, can be performed at that same time.  You’ll be made aware of options and all costs before any work is performed.


If I purchase a disposal, can ABC install it?

Yes, if you’ve purchased a new disposal, an ABC plumber can install it for you.  We can also do the same with other kitchen appliances like dishwashers, ice makers and refrigerators.

Does ABC unclog drains?

Absolutely!  ABC’s uses a variety of methods to unclog drains, whether they’re small inside clogs in a kitchen or bathroom or larger, external sewer line clogs.  For the clogs in larger lines, ABC can utilize a water jet system, that will quickly eliminate even severe blockages.

Additionally, when necessary, we use camera technology to help identify the issue and repair it. This means our plumber will send a camera into the drain system to determine exactly where the leak or clog is and what the most efficient repair strategy may be.


Does ABC work on sewer lines?

Yes.  Often times, clogs in a home or business sewer line can be outside the confines of the home or business.  ABC’s licensed plumbers can locate the problem, remove the offending clog and even replace sections of the sewer line when necessary.  At all times, we’ll keep you informed of cost and timeframe.  Additionally, when necessary, ABC will secure all necessary permits for the needed work from the local municpality.

What does ABC do to screen its employees?

As a customer, we want you to feel at ease when a service is being performed at your home. That's why we drug screen and do a criminal history check on all our team members. Our experienced specialists also carry all licenses necessary to complete the work at your home.

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